Minimize LNG transfer time at FSRU ’s and accurate LNG sampling below 1 BarG

LNG transfer time and LNG sampling at FSRU ‘s

Time is money! Every hour an LNG carrier can sail away earlier from a FSRU, will have a significant positive financial impact. So it is important that an LNG FSRU can always operate at its maximum flow rate to minimize transfer time. Consequently the LNG sampling pressure at the cross-over manifold at the FSRU ‘s will be at its minimum, in practice it can be lower than 1 BarG.

The LNG sampling for custody transfer is done by means of an analytical vaporizer connected to a sample container and on-line analyzer. The location of the LNG sampling point(s) is at the cross-over manifold. Nearly all analytical sampling systems until now operated at pressures above 2,5 BarG.

The Catch-22 is: lose money on waiting time of the LNG carrier (increase the pressure by squeezing flow), or lose money on inaccurate LNG analysis?

The ASaP Phazer, cryogenic LNG probe-vaporizer is a combined probe/vaporizer, for direct mounting on the LNG transfer line. The Phazer operates at any LNG pressure and vaporized samples allowing analysis with the lowest uncertainty.LNG transfer time at FSRU and accurate LNG sampling below 1 BarG

LNG probe-vaporizer

The Phazer has proven its outstanding performance at LNG pressures of 0,8 BarG at tests and during Ship-to-Ship transfers. The total measurement (vaporizer, LNG sampling system and analyzer) standard deviation during the StS was just 0,0019 MJ/Nm3!

The Phazer conforms to ISO 8943 and is tested against EN 12838. Your LNG measurement is only as accurate as your provided sample… The Phazer is the only cryogenic LNG probe-vaporizer that provides verifiably accurate and representative LNG samples at 0,8 BarG.

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Christiaan Mul and Hans-Peter Visser, Analytical Solutions and Products B.V. the Netherlands, present a field study of LNG probe-vaporizers

Quantification of precision, a comparison of sampler performance. Click here to read the whole article.

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