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Ametek UV/VIS Diode array analyzer

Ametek IPS4 Inside Model IPS4 Integrated Process Spectrometer

Robust on-line or in-line?

Based on more than 60 years experience in the field of UV / VIS analysis Ametek has developed a new analyzer. Important starting points are cost, robustness and measurement under process conditions.

By making use of a diode array detector, there are no moving parts are present, such as  wheel filters. In addition, this detection method the ability to simultaneously measure up to 8 components.

Ametek IPS4 Due to the integrated sample analyzer, it is possible to place closer to the process, so that the response time can be significantly reduced in size. This integration also provides significant space savings.

With all the advantages of an on-line analyzer (simple calibration, low maintenance, stability), this analyzer you the ability to under process conditions (up to 100 bar and 150 ° C) to measure. So why in-line and on-line all the benefits?

The analyzer is suitable for both liquids and gases.

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