O’Brien Tracepak

O'Brien Tracepak
O’Brien Tracepak

TRACEPAK solves problems for analytical,
instrumentation and mechanical plant utility. Freezing, dew point, component drop-out and viscosity control are
major considerations in instrument impulse connections, small diameter process lines and analyzer sample
transport. A properly designed and selected pretraced tubing bundle offers an effective solution to these


  • INSTRUMENT IMPULSE LINES: flow transmitters, pressure transmitters, level transmitters, pressure switches, controllers
  • ANALYZER SAMPLE LINES: process analyzers, chromatographs, emissions monitoring
  • MECHANICAL AND PLANT UTILITY PROCESS LINES: steam supply, condensate return, water purge, chemical feed, air lines.


  • The economical choice to field fabrication
  • Provides predictable and repeatable performance
  • Connections are easy because tubing stays round and is not work hardened
  • Can be installed at temperatures as low as -40°

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O’Brien Tracepak
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