Vortex shedding – Not with Orbital VE technology

Sample probe with Orbital VE technology to eliminate vortex shredding

Accurate sampling starts at the sample probe. A typical probe used in process sample handling is a cylindrical piece of metal that is placed in the process pipe. One of the downsides of these conventional sample probes is the vortex shedding effect which means that a small Vortex gets formed at the tip of the …

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E.ON installation with BTU analyzer and ABB NGC8209


Recently ASaP successfully installed a combined system of two analyzers at the E.ON Powergen location Maasvlakte; the Orbital GasPT2 and the ABB NGC 8206. E.ON required a fast Wobbe index measurement for turbine control and a quality measurement of their feed gas. In order to be prepared for the future the ABB gas chromatograph measures …

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