ABB PGC5000 Series

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The ABB PGC5000 Series process gas chromatograph is based on over 50 years of innovation in on-line process gas chromatographs. It simplifies gas chromatography and increases reliability. It provides everything you need to know about your GC – at your fingertips.

The PGC5000A Master Controller with new Graphical Driven HMI offers a fully functional keypad and touch pad mouse. Developing, editing and storing analysis methods are now easy. Programming is now a thing of the past. Just “point and click” and “drag and drop” is all that is required to access any of the analyzer functions. All of the major analyzer functions are identified on tabs making it easy to know where to go to access information when needed.


PGC5000A Master Controller features and benefits:
10.4” SVGA screen supports the new HMI
Universal keypad and mouse touch pad
Intrinsically safe fiber optic connections to multiple Smart OvensTM
Redundant Ethernet ports for guaranteed data transfers
Standard USB ports for convenient system updates
Direct MODBUS communication
Comprehensive I/O options


The PGC5000 Series has been designed for distributed control across multiple analytical Smart OvensTM for limitless application approaches. There are two ovens, PGC5000B and PGC5000C, suitably equipped for the type of application engineered.

PGC5000B Smart OvenTM features and benefits:
Correctly sized and designed for simple configurations and maximum reliability
Designed for mission critical measurements
Single detector configuration – sTCD, mTCD, FID and FPD capability
Smaller footprint allows for shelter size and utility reduction

PGC5000C Smart OvenTM features and benefits:
Appropriately sized (28% larger) and designed for maximum application densification
Perfect for multiplexing multiple streams’ analyses in a single analytical oven
Designed for complex application measurements
Multiple detector configuration – sTCD, mTCD, FID and FPD capability


ABB PGC5000 Series
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