Sample conditioning systems for temperature and pressure control

Sample conditioning systems for temperature and pressure control

Sample conditioning systems are the final stage to handle process samples, which are very important to ensure instruments or gas analyzers to work properly. It provides process sample filtration, temperature control, pressure control, fast loop and sample flow and multi-streams switching.

Most process problems come from the design of the sample conditioning. The better understanding of both process and gas analyzer is critical in the design and fabrication of the sample conditioning systems.

ASaP’s solutions are tailor made to the customer’s needs include sample conditioning system design, measurement instrumentation, site survey, specification of operating conditions, budget estimating and system delivery. We use gas analyzers and gas chromatographs from industry leading manufacturers like Ametek Process Instruments and ABB Analytical Measurement. Our engineers have developed specialized expertise in petroleum and chemical processing, utility, and environmental applications.

We offer the following parts for sample conditioning systems

We meet with your sample conditioning systems specific requirements

Analytical Solutions and Products systems are purpose built to meet specific requirements such as panel or enclosure-mounted closed-loop sample systems, designed for gas or liquid and for all type of service and applications.

ASaP prides itself on understanding what the practical issues in the field are and solving them for each and every customer. This philosophy applies to analyzer applications, system integration and professional rapid-response service.

Latest sample conditioning system news and products

  • Dewpoint control – Integrated approach

    Analytical Solutions and Products delivered a fully integrated dewpoint control system. This for an ammonia factory experiencing liquid condensation problems in their sample lines. ASaP has helped to provide the customer with a solution to solve and secure their analyzers from water condensation.

  • MicroPhazer is the new ASaP small scale LNG probe-vaporizer

    Early this year, ASaP released its new MicroPhazer which is especially designed for small scale LNG applications like Bio-LNG, LNG bunkering applications, spot checks on LNG carriers etc. The MicroPhazer can either be used for permanent installations and/or as a portable LNG probe and vaporizer.

  • Sample gas coolers to reduce temperature by Bühler Technologies

    Sample gas coolers are used to remove any moisture from the gas is an important step in sample gas conditioning. To achieve this, suitable coolers are applied to reduce the gas temperature below the dew point in order to condense the moisture. To secure a reproducible analysis result the dew point must remain as stable as possible even when the ambient temperature fluctuates.

  • Sample gas filters for gas filtration by Bühler Technologies

    Sample gas filters are used to filter finer dust from your gas analyzer system. Even when the contaminants have been removed at the extraction point through effective particle filtration inside the sample gas probe, there is still a risk of finer dust entering the gas measuring system. For this reason effective analysis sample gas filters are required, but also for use in stationary or portable sample gas conditioners. These can be in-line filters or panel filters with housings made from various material combinations. Equipped with easy to change filter elements with various retention rates and an adequate filter size they can be used for a wide rang

  • Sample gas probes by Bühler Technologies

    Sample gas probes form a critical point between process and analysis system. They extract sample gas from the process stream and supply it to the analysis system. They should already remove undesirable particulates at the sampling point and avoid cold spots thus preventing false measurements. Our probes are easy to maintain without requiring a lot of tools. Their designs are suitable for critical ambient conditions such as explosive areas and provide weather protection.

  • Sample gas pumps by Bühler Technologies

    Sample gas analysis systems require sample gas pumps when the process pressure is not sufficient to transport an adequate volume of sample gas to the analysers reliably. The frequent corrosive and aggressive nature of the sample gas demands special properties of the material in contact with the media. The pumps can also transport potential condensate.

  • LNG sampling with the ASaP LNG Sampler System

    ASaP engineers and manufactures LNG analysis and LNG sampling systems with a wide variety of gas analyzing and LNG sampling options and solutions. The ASaP LNG Sampler System conforms to ISO 8943:2007The ASaP LNG Sampler System is available as an Intermittent or Continuous systemThe ASaP LNG Sampler System is configurable to suit your (process) specific[…]

  • LNG probe-vaporizer for accurate LNG samples – The Phazer

    The Phazer conforms to ISO 8943:2007 and surpasses NEN-EN 12838:2000. Your LNG measurement is only as accurate as your provided sample… The Phazer is the only cryogenic LNG probe-vaporizer that provides verifiably accurate and representative LNG samples at 0,5 barg.

  • LNG Sampler predictive maintenance and operation with AIM

    LNG Sampler predictive maintenance is now integrated with ASaP’s proprietary Analysis Information Module. The AIM analyzer data collection software has been developed in-house by ASaP’s engineering team and can be implemented with any brand or type of analyzer available in any analyzer system, new or retrofit! We have recently integrated AIM in our LNG Sampler[…]

  • Genie 133 Membrane Separator – A+ Corporation

    The GPR™ consists of a housing and a membrane-tipped probe regulator. The housing is installed in a depressurized pipeline through a vertically mounted thread-o-let or flange

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