Vortex shedding – Not with Orbital VE technology

Accurate sampling starts at the sample probe. A typical probe used in process sample handling is a cylindrical piece of metal that is placed in the process pipe. One of the downsides of these conventional sample probes is the vortex shedding effect which means that a small Vortex gets formed at the tip of the sample probe this means there is a high chance of sample contamination.

Sample probes with Orbital VE technology to eliminate vortex shredding

The VE Technology probe uses an improved and patented design with helical strakes and will eliminate the vortex shedding effect. In addition, the probe tip and inner tube are electropolished, reducing chances of old sample or dust getting stuck in the probe. This results in less fouling of the sample probe, improve the accuracy of your sampling system and at the same time reduce the downtime of your analyzer significantly!

Why choose sample probes with Orbital VE technology?

VE Technology is a system designed to deliver a fast, accurate and truly representative sample to any analyzer.

  • Vortex shedding eliminated
  • Sample taken from central 1/3 of pipeline in practically any application
  • Aerodynamic probe tip ensures particulate is actively rejected to minimize filtration and avoid contamination of samples
  • Reduced internal volume with all surfaces electropolished (and coated when required) for optimum response
  • Preheats the gas to avoid retrograde condensation due to the Joule Thomson effect
  • All components and other flow disturbing elements removed from sample pathway
  • Precise flow and pressure control and monitoring with full ASME/PED approved relief valve
  • Easy validation and backflush built into the sample probe and system

Orbital sample probes applications

  • Natural gas sampling
  • Trace element sampling
  • Moisture sampling
  • Mercury sampling
  • Oil sampling
  • Chemical sampling
  • Continuous automated and manual sample systems
  • Bespoke sample conditioning units
  • Vortex shedding
  • Tailored solutions for drier beds, MRUs, fiscal metering, super critical phase process and many more

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