Trace oxygen and moisture gas analysis

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Trace analyzers

Trace Moisture with Ametek Process Instruments Model 5910 UHP Moisture Gas Analyzer and Model 5830 Moisture Gas Analyzers

Ametek’s moisture analyzers are designed to help minimize process upsets caused by excessive moisture in bulk atmospheric gases. The Model 5910 has the sensitivity and stability required to ensure that bulk feed gases possess the required sub-1 PPBv moisture impurity level with its limit of detection of a mere 150 PPTv. On-line verification functions allow users to validate both the sensor’s zero-baseline and its accuracy calibration using a NIST-traceable moisture source.

Trace Oxygen with Ametek Dycor Model CG1100 and CG1100-RTP Oxygen Gas Analyzers

Oxygen level monitoring is another important analysis in bio fuel production. Our Clean Gas Model CG1100 provides a PPMv measurement of the oxygen present in a feed or exhaust gas stream. Zirconia technology provides fast response from initial high percent levels of oxygen to low PPMv levels with no loss of accuracy or sensor

Impurities in Bulk Gas with Ametek Trace Analytical Model ta7000 UHP Gas Purity Monitors

Bio fuel energy, power made from organic materials such as plants and animal waste, represents the classic win-win for farmers, electricity producers and the public. Biomass is cheaper and cleaner than other energy sources such as fossil fuels and is, of course, renewable. At the same time, manure-based fuels offer farmers a simple, profitable way to manage farm waste and the accompanying odors and environmental issues.

In the last two years, eighteen Wisconsin State dairy farms have invested in methane digesters that heat up cow manure to produce gases and fuels which in turn power an engine and turbine unit. The resulting electricity can be enough to supply anywhere from 500 to 1,200 homes on an annual basis.

The Trace Analytical Reduction Gas Analyzer is ideally suited for the determination of ppb to ppm levels of hydrogen and carbon monoxide in methane evolved from bacteria in anabolic digestors. In this analysis, the Reduction Gas Detector (RGD) is used to provide rapid and reproducible measurements.

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