Waste fuel burners & combustion gas analysis

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Optimization of process heaters

Ametek Thermox WDG-V Flue Gas Oxygen Gas Analyzer & Thermox WDG-VC Combustibles Gas Analyzer

Fuel fired heaters are used extensively in the production of bio fuels. They offer special challenges for optimization due to high temperatures, multiple burners and zones, as well as widely varying fuel calorific values. The fast-response WDG-V series is designed for direct measurement of oxygen and combustibles in the high temperature zones (up to 3000°F / 1649°C) and is used worldwide for optimization of fired heaters. Benefits of optimization include substantial energy savings, 15-20% NOx reduction, increased product quality and throughput, improved safety, and longer heater and tube life.

Efficient control of waste fuel burners

Ametek Thermox S A/F IQ Air Demand & Wobbe Index Analyzer

The increased costs of traditional fuels and the uncertainty of their supply has led to greater use of waste gas, biomass and off-gas to supplement or replace them. Such fuels
have widely varying energy content making it difficult to operate the combustion process efficiently and safely. The Stoichiometric Air/Fuel Ratio Analyzer (S A/F IQ) continuously measures a sample of the fuel gas and air supplied to the burner. This result produces a control signal to set the correct air-to-fuel ratio. Fast response enables the efficient combustion of waste and off-gases in a wide range of applications.

Combustion processes play a major role in the bio fuels industries, and fuel costs associated with boilers, furnaces, kilns, and process heaters, often account for the majority of the cost of running a plant. Increasing fuel costs and more stringent emissions limits have focused attention on improving the combustion efficiency of industrial boilers and process heaters.

Thermal oxidation of bio fuels production waste

Ametek Thermox WDG-HPII Flue Gas Oxygen Gas Analyzer

Thermal oxidation is widely used to dispose of the plant material wastes that are a byproduct of bio fuel production. The high temperatures and high dust loading in such processes demand a special analyzer. The WDG-HPII flue gas oxygen analyzer is designed for such applications and facilitates reliable operation of these critical facilities.

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