Waterless Continuous LNG Sampling System

ASaP recently completed the delivery of their new, Waterless Continuous LNG Sampling System. Unique features for the system are:

Small footprint

  • Small footprint (2.5 x 0.6 m) compared to other continuous type LNG sampling systems.
  • Can be utilized even onboard offshore constructions if mandatory.
  • Whole LNG Sampling System installed inside SS316 cabinet.
Waterless Continuous LNG Sampling System

Sample integrity

  • Superior sample flushing; proven both by design and testing. The amount of residual sample gas from the previous batch was tested to be 0.0028%.
  • Internal mixer in sample holder ensures homogeneous sample being transferred to sample containers, even during very long sample batches.
  • Possible option to execute SilcoNert® coating on sample wetted parts.
Waterless Continuous LNG Sampling System 02


  • Depending on available LNG loading line pressures the LNG Sampling System can be provided without compressors, hence resulting in lower demand for maintenance.
  • Full system self-test functionality on start-up ensures trouble free collection of the sample during cargo transfer operations.

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Waterless Continuous LNG Sampling System
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