ACD students visit the ASaP laboratory

ASaP Amsterdams Chemisch Dispuut 02Last Wednesday the local students association called the ‘Amsterdams Chemisch Dispuut’ made a visit to the office and laboratory of the ASaP. A small group of chemistry students from the University of Amsterdam first got a little presentation about our company. They were surprised to see such a small company can operate on a European scale and were very interested to hear about the practical implementations of the analytical techniques they get thought in college.

After a quick round through the office where they met Eef from engineering and Marcel who was doing sales the tour proceeded to the workshop. Andries was building a sample handling system for a dual set up of GC’s and tASaP Amsterdams Chemisch Dispuuthe students were happy to see so clearly the difference between a process and a research setup. The housing for a analyzer was looked upon as a logical thing, right up until they heard that this little container can be mounted nearly everywhere in a factory and not just on the ground.In the laboratory we showed the students some dedicated moisture analyzers, a couple of micro GC’s and a MS. A lot of questions were asked about the use of these machines in and outside of the laboratory. And also the size of the equipment astonished some of the students. At every machine I presented its function and mode of operation, and questions were asked.

The afternoon was ended where it began, the presentation room, with a few colas and beers. During the drinks the students could ask me or Tim more questions in an informal way. During these drinks we got a little present from the ACD, a special ACD Erlenmeyer.