In Situ Analyzers for real-time analysis within your process

In Situ Analyzers introduction

In situ analyzers are advanced instruments used for real-time monitoring and analysis directly within the process environment, eliminating the need for sample extraction and conditioning. These devices are crucial in various applications, including water quality monitoring, gas emissions measurement, and industrial process control. By providing immediate data, in situ analyzers enhance process efficiency, ensure regulatory compliance, and reduce operational costs. Their ability to deliver accurate, continuous data makes them indispensable in fields such as wastewater treatment, environmental monitoring, and chemical processing.

Zirconia Flue Gas In Situ Analyzer

ASaP leads with Automatic LNG Sampling Systems

Designed to measure Oxygen in flue gas for combustion efficiency and fuel saving. Ideal for measurements in post combustion chamber at high temperature typical of incinerators, cremators, heating furnaces, soaking pits and annealing furnaces.

Measurable Gas

Oxygen, O2

ADEV 6801 Flue Gas In Situ Analyzer Probe
ADEV 6801 Flue Gas In Situ Analyzer Probe

Main Features

  • Wetted parts in ceramic materials (Zirconia and pure alumina)
  • Resistant to corrosion by acid & aggressive substances, to abrasion and to the alternation of oxidant and reducing conditions
  • External flanged installation & protection tube (option) warranty extra protection in case of huge dust amount in the process

Easy to Use

  • Direct insertion into the chimney or post-combustion chamber.
  • Integral thermocouple
  • Possibility to verify the calibration without removing the probe from process
  • Calibration (with air flowing) simply pushing one button on ADV222 control unit

Low Costs of Ownership

  • Really in situ measurement
  • No sampling system required
  • Sensor on the tip and no gas circulation

In Situ Analyzer Compliance

  • Low Voltage Directive 2014/35/EU
  • EMC Directive 2014/30/EU
  • Directive ATEX 94/9/EC (optional)


The Probe 6801 can be configured for hazardous area classified Zone 1 in accordance to EN 94/9/EC (ATEX) and EN 60079-10.


In Situ Probe

  • Accuracy 0.1% O2 below 5% or 2% of reading above 5%
  • Zero Drift ± 2% of reading in 3 months
  • Repeatability ± 1% of reading (short term)
  • Response Time less than 5 sec. at T95 (with flow rate 2 l/min.)
  • Probe Head Protection IP65
  • Weight ~ 1.5 ÷ 2.5 Kg. Depending on probe length (excluded installation tube)
  • Wiring Connections N°1 cable gland for cable max. 10 mm and inner terminal strip
  • Pneumatic Connections Reference and calibration air inlet: 1/8” NPT-F
  • Gas Oxygen (O2)
  • Measuring Principle Zirconium Oxide (Zirconia)
  • Sensor Output E.M.F. function of Oxygen concentration
  • TC Output E.M.F. function of the temperature
  • Type of Thermocouples Standard type B (pt 6 Rh-Pt 30 Rh). In alternative type S
  • Humidity 0….90% non-condensing
  • Temperature Range 600°C to 1250°C
  • Head Temperature Max. 130°C
  • Reference Air Dry, clean and oil-free air. Flow rate: 100…200 cc/min.

In Situ Analyzer Control Unit

  • Analog Inputs 2 x isolated (1 for Oxygen and 1 for Temperature)
  • Analog Outputs 2 x 4-20 mA isolated (1 for Oxygen and 1 for Temperature)
  • Output Resolution better than 1×10.000 of FS
  • Relays N°2 relays SPDT, 230 VAC, nominal 2A (max 4A) *
  • Power Supply 8…28 VDC ; 9…24 VAC
  • Ranges 0-25% O2 ; 0-1000°C **
  • Operative Temperature -20°C…+70°C
  • Humidity 0….90% non condensing
  • Led Power supply (blue) – Cumulative inputs overload (red) – TX/RX (yellow/amber)
  • Serial Interface RS485 2-wire (Protocol ModBus-RTU)
  • Line Impedance 120 ohm
  • Termination Type External
  • Max Speed 57600bps
  • Max No. of Nodes 32
  • Protection IP20
  • Weight 900 gr.
  • Connections Removable screw terminals pace 5,08 mm
  • Conductor Section Max. 2,5 mmq
  • Mounting DIN rail

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