Analyzer shelters and cabinets to protect from adverse conditions

ASaP process analyzer system integration concrete analyzer shelter house

ASaP can provide you with analyzer shelters and cabinets. We build our analyzer shelters, houses and cabinets with the highest quality materials and include certificates such as ATEX and DNV. Depending on conditions, we can also offer shelters to protect analyzer equipment in cabinets. We supply all units fully equipped with gas analyzers, samplers, sample conditioning, purge, and complete systems to support multiple sampling points.

Our analyzer shelters, concrete analyzer houses and cabinets provide a controlled environment for protection from adverse conditions which can cause errors in analyzer readouts, as well as ease of use and maintenance. ASaP’s analyzer houses are fitted and wired to all sample conditioning systems and analyzers, assembled and then fully tested to ensure the houses is working correctly before installing them on the customers site.

Pressure, temperature and viscosity

An integral part of metering is knowing exactly what is flowing through in your pipe. Pressure, temperature and viscosity all give an indication of the conditions and the product, but analysis will tell you its composition, its properties and will help you fine tune the metering. Stand-alone instrument and analyzer shelters are regularly used by companies in oil and gas and chemical industries as a compact and highly space-efficient resource. These buildings offer a portable solution that can be fully automated, yet remain in remote areas. They run full chemical processes, record information, analyze conditions, and transmit data to the client’s receiver.

ASaP’s analyzer shelters are designed for the environment at hand, taking into account such factors as:

  • Process conditions
  • Climatic conditions
  • Safety conditions
  • Electrical area classification
  • Accessibility
  • Hazards such as toxic or corrosive vapors

Latest analyzer shelters and cabinets news and products

  • ASaP LNG Sampler - LNG Sampling System doors open

    LNG sampling with the ASaP LNG Sampler System

    ASaP engineers and manufactures LNG analysis and LNG sampling systems with a wide variety of gas analyzing and LNG sampling options and solutions. The ASaP LNG Sampler System conforms to ISO 8943:2007The ASaP LNG Sampler System is available as an Intermittent or Continuous systemThe ASaP LNG Sampler System is configurable to suit your (process) specific[…]

  • Continuous Emission Monitoring System CEMS with fully integrated emission analyzers and sample conditioning system

    CEMS – Continuous Emission Monitoring System – ABB ACF5000

    Early this year ASaP was asked to present a new CEMS system solution for a well-known gas-supplier in the Rotterdam Botlek Area. Their CEMS system needed an upgrade as it had to measure additional components on top of their current CEMS measurement. As the official Channel Partner of ABB, ASaP discussed the possibilities for replacing[…]

  • Replacement of measurement system at AkzoNobel Delfzijl Inside

    Replacement of measurement system HPLC at AkzoNobel Delfzijl

    Last year ASaP was appointed to engineer and manufacture a tailor-made GRP analyzer-shelter including an HPLC process analyzer.

  • Concrete analyzer shelter for electrical and analytical equipment

    Concrete analyzer shelter for electrical and analytical equipment

    Are you looking for an analyzer shelter to house your analytical equipment? Analytical Solutions and Products can offer you the solution!This concrete analyzer shelter has just been delivered to its end user in the Netherlands and will be used to protect the electrical equipment and includes a gas analyzer compartment.

  • a slim analyzer package analyzer shelter doors demonstration

    ASaP launched a Slim Analyzer Package analyzer shelter

    a Slim Analyzer Package analyzer shelter Time-lapse See in the below Time-lapse YouTube video how a Slim Analyzer Package analyzer shelter is built. ASaP launched a Slim Analyzer Package analyzer shelter A new product line of ASaP is now delivered to Site and will be operational in a few weeks. The Slim Analyzer Package analyzer[…]

  • ASaP Process industry system integrator

    Process industry system integrator

    ASaP is a process industry system integrator that provides gas analyzers, sample conditioning systems, analyzer shelters and integrate them with your system. We build our analyzer shelters and sample conditioning systems with the highest quality materials and include certificates such as ATEX and DNV. On-line process analyses and laboratory ASaP is a reputable provider of analytical[…]

  • ASaP Process industry system integrator Frames ABC+ Advance Burner Control

    Advance Burner Control Plus, ABC+

    During a recent follow-up visit, local operators were happy to show us the uninterrupted successful functioning of their ABC+ system, installed late last year, it has now operated continuously without problems for one year. The ABC+ design intent is to have accurate SRU tail gas quality control when changes to especially the SRU feed gas[…]

  • E.ON

    E.ON: installation of Orbital GasPT2 BTU analyzer and ABB NGC8206 gas chromatograph

    Recently ASaP successfully installed a combined system of two analyzers at the E.ON Powergen location Maasvlakte; the Orbital GasPT2 and the ABB NGC 8206. E.ON required a fast Wobbe index measurement for turbine control and a quality measurement of their feed gas. In order to be prepared for the future the ABB gas chromatograph measures[…]

  • Bio-LNG plant by Osomo Projects BV

    Bio-LNG plant by Osomo Projects BV

    Osomo Projects BV has built a Bio-LNG production test system that gives insight in effectively processing biogas to bio-LNG. For this purpose a patented technology from iLNG is used, which has a unique process line-up that is significantly more simple, effective and stable than conventional existing LNG production facilities . With this test facility the[…]

  • A Slim Analyzer Package (aSAP)

    ASaP a Slim Analyzer Package (aSAP)

    The new generation analyzers are more sophisticated and compacter. Therefore the need for complex analyzer houses is reduced. Often a simple fit for purpose cabinet is acceptable, however in practice not pleasant for the service engineer to do maintenance when the weather conditions are bad. It will reduce the enjoyment in and the quality of[…]

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