Sample probes for extracting representative samples

Sample probes

Sample probes are designed for extracting a representative portion from the gas sample source in a pipe to the sampling system, and finally the gas analyzers.

Gas probes for sample extraction form a critical point between process and sample conditioning and analysis system. They extract sample gas from the process stream and supply it to the analysis system. They should already remove undesirable particulates at the sampling point and avoid cold spots thus preventing false measurements.

Yellow ASaP Flare Gas Probe - Sample take-off and extreme sample conditions

Our comprehensive range of products includes offshore and onshore service, an extensive selection of gas analysis instruments, sample conditioning, and various cabinets and houses for your instruments, tailored to meet the unique requirements of various petrochemical and cryogenic applications. We are dedicated to delivering innovative solutions that ensure accurate and efficient operations in the process industry.

Challenges with gas sampling and sample probes

In the process industry, accurate sample extraction is paramount. However, professionals face three major challenges:

  1. Undesirable Contaminants: The risk of dust, pipe scale, and entrained liquid drops interfering with the extracted fluid sample.
  2. Unrepresentative Sampling: Poorly positioned or designed probes might not capture a true representation of the flow.
  3. Inefficient Sampling: Longer sample times, larger sample volumes, and increased dead volumes.

Our sample probes, tackle these challenges head-on. They ensure the extraction of a true representative portion, filter out contaminants, and optimize sample efficiency. Step into a world of precision with ASaP’s sample probes.

Phazer 1.1 LNG vaporization with The Phazer - LNG probe-vaporizer product photo
Phazer 1.1 LNG vaporization with The Phazer – LNG probe-vaporizer product photo

Reaping the Rewards of ASaP’s Sample Probes

Why choose our sample probes?

  1. Efficiency: Experience reduced sample times and volumes.
  2. Accuracy: Achieve better response times and eliminate dead volumes.
  3. Flexibility: From vacuum to high-pressure applications, we cater to diverse needs.
  4. Quality: Our probes meet esteemed standards such as ASTM D 4057, ASTM D1265-05, and NACE MR0175.
  5. Easy: Minimal maintenance and downtime.
  6. Compatibility: Seamless integration into existing setups.

Partner with ASaP and embark on a journey towards optimized processes, reliable data, and improved outcomes. Our analyzer shelters offer the ultimate solution to your equipment protection needs, ensuring accurate readings that drive your success.

Yellow ASaP Flare Gas Probe - Sample take-off and extreme sample conditions
Yellow ASaP Flare Gas Probe – Sample take-off and extreme sample conditions

Client quote – after start-up and operation of ASaP FLare Gas Probe

ASaP review stars

Customer feedback after start-up and operation was:

“Guys, back to office right now from inspection. Filters absolutely clean. Photos will follow in the next days. Seems everything works perfectly.”

The customer response to following question This is really good news! Just a question did you have some upset conditions during the test! 

“Good question, I forgot to specify. Obviously, I meant filters clean in presence of several upsets. We had 3 upsets and several small discharges since the installation.”

– a happy customer from the Rotterdam Botlek area.
Flare fire drilling platform - Flare Gas Probe - Sample take-off and extreme sample conditions
Flare fire exhaust on a drilling platform – Flare gas probe are used for extreme sample conditions.

Key features of our sample probes

ASaP’s sample probes are crafted to meet the unique demands of every application. Our offering includes:

  1. Open End, Multiport, Filter, Heated, Small Bore, Retractable, and Isokinetic designs.
  2. Compliance with established standards: ASTM D 4057, ASTM D1265-05, and more.
  3. Designs that cater to specific climates, safety conditions, and accessibility requirements.
  4. Probes tailored for various applications: gas, liquid, steam, high pressure, flanged, and more.
  5. Blow-back and optional manual rodding.
  6. No moving parts easy to maintain.
ABB AZ Endura series zirconia probe combustion analyzers
ABB AZ Endura series zirconia probe combustion analyzers

FAQ: Answering Key Questions about sample probes

What is the purpose of sample probes?

Sample probes are designed to extract a representative portion from gas or liquid sources, ensuring accurate analysis.

Which problems do probes for sampling solve for you?

They efficiently filter out contaminants, reduce sample times and volumes, and ensure a true representation of the flow.

What applications can gas probes be used for?

Sample probes are used in a wide array of applications across various industries to obtain a representative portion of a medium (often liquid or gas) for analysis.

Who are sample probes designed for?

Sample probes are used in a wide array of applications across various industries to obtain a representative portion of a medium (often liquid or gas) for analysis.

What are the benefits of using sample extraction probes?

Sample extraction probes offer reduced sample times, better response times, and a reduction in sample volume and dead volumes.

What features can you expect with sample probes?

Features range from diverse designs (Open End, Multiport, etc.) to adherence to established industry standards and customization for specific applications.

Wondering which sample gas probe suits your process?

Latest Sample probes news and products

Latest sample gas probes news and products

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Need help picking a sample probe for your application?

ASaP practical solutions

The practical solutions of ASaP are based on decades of experience, specific education, knowledge of the team members and, last but not least, the joy in our work. The well-established and complementary ASaP package of services and products is an important contribution to the right solutions for your analytical needs. Moreover, the team spirit and the cooperation with specific partners give us the opportunity to design, build, locally install and commission tailor made analyzer systems for you. All these products and systems can be carried out according to the latest guidelines, such as ATEX.

ASaP is a reputable provider of analytical solutions; We can provide you with a full-service package including engineering, manufacturing, offshore service, analyzers, system integration, and cutting-edge LNG Custody Transfer Systems (CTMS), LNG Probe-Vaporizers, advanced LNG Samplers, and precise NG analysis systems. You are kindly invited to consult us on any analytical challenge!