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Natural gas odorization systems for biogas injection start with ASaP

We are proud to announce ASaP’s latest innovation in the field of natural gas processing: the advanced odorization system for natural gas. These state-of-the-art natural gas odorization systems are designed to meet the specific needs of the biogas industry, ensuring that biogas can be safely and efficiently added to the national grid.

Natural gas odorization systems for biogas injection sample handling system in shelter quick connectors from ASaP

Achema 2024: On-Line Analysis and Renewable Gas Solutions

As Achema 2024 approaches, Analytical Solutions and Products (ASaP) is poised to showcase its forefront innovations in analytical technology. Held at the Frankfurt Exhibition Grounds from June 10-14, 2024, this premier global event will feature ASaP’s latest advancements in on-line analysis and renewable gas solutions, including bio-LNG, bio-CO2, and green and blue LH2. We invite all attendees of Achema 2024 to visit our booth in hall 12.0 at stand A61.

Achema 2024 ASaP banner with hall and stand number

Process analyzer validation ASTM D3764 and D6299 step-by-step

This is a step-by-step guide for process analyzer validation according to ASTM D3764 and D6299 standards and is pivotal for ensuring operational efficiency and compliance. However, the intricacies within these standards, coupled with the variance in actual maintenance activities, often lead to ambiguity and inefficiency. This white paper written by Dirk Horst and Martin van Burgh endeavors to provide a pragmatic approach to process analyzer validation, focusing on transparency, control, and reproducibility.

Process gas chromatograph analyzers PGCs ABB NGC8206 Yokogawa GC8000 Honeywell EnCal 3000 Emerson Rosemount 370xa Process gas chromatograph analyzers PGCs

Kaombo offshore platforms: ASaP expert interventions

At Kaombo North, an ABB NGC8209 natural gas chromatograph, which had shown serious issues over the past two years, is now fully functional. This revival marks a big step towards enhancing production efficiency.

ABB NGC8209 successful revival at Kaombo offshore platforms by ASaP offshore maintenance engineer Jonatas Reis

Mobile LNG sampling system for fuel quality analysis

Last week marked the successful completion of a Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) for our advanced Mobile LNG sampling system for fuel quality analysis, developed in collaboration with ERT Refrigeration Technology GmbH and DVGW Research Center at Engler-Bunte-Institut of Karlsruhe Institute of Technology.

Factory Acceptance Test FAT for advanced Mobile LNG sampling system for fuel quality analysis

Automatic LNG Sampling Systems for Venture Global

ASaP recently celebrated an achievement with a successful FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) for two of our Automatic LNG Sampling Systems, each equipped with three Phazer Probe-Vaporizers 1.1’s. This FAT was smoothly conducted, leaving no notable issues unaddressed, a reflection of expert planning and expertise of all involved parties. The FAT saw participants from ASaP, Emerson, KBR, and the end-user Venture Global. Their collaborative effort was important in ensuring the assessment and validation of our LNG Samplers, highlighting the importance of synergy in achieving excellence in our field.

Automatic LNG Sampling Systems participants from ASaP, Emerson, KBR, and the end-user Venture Global

ATC 2024 and introducing Meagan Wooster

As the Analyzer Technology Conference 2024 (ATC) at the Galveston Island Convention Center swiftly approaches, we at Analytical Solutions and Products (ASaP) are gearing up to make a significant impact. This year, we’re not just bringing our innovative analytical solutions to the forefront; we’re also proud to introduce the newest addition to our team, Meagan Wooster.

Meagan Wooster - ASaP - Address and contact persons - Copy

Bio-LNG and Bio-LCO₂: ASaP’s Total Solution for Ruhe Biogas

In the world of renewable energy, Bio-LNG stands out as a key player, offering a sustainable alternative to traditional fuels. ASaP’s recent collaboration with Ruhe Biogas marks a significant milestone in this domain, as they come together to deliver comprehensive solutions in bio-LNG and Bio-LCO₂ sampling and measurement. This partnership underscores a shared commitment to advancing renewable gas technologies and highlights the critical role of bio-LNG in the transition towards cleaner energy sources.

Bio-LNG analysis and sampling system

Introducing Lorenzo Rossi

Hi my name is Lorenzo Rossi, I was born in August 1995, and I grew up and studied in my hometown in the northeast of Italy, Trento. I obtained my bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering in May 2021 and started working as a freelance right after, with the objective of getting a strong base with modelling and drawing software.

Lorenzo Rossi - ASaP - Address and contact persons

Snam Acquires BW LNG’s FSRU, ASaP supplies Phazers

Snam, an Italian energy firm, has recently completed the acquisition of BW LNG’s FSRU, named BW Singapore, for approximately $400 million. This strategic move is set to enhance Italy’s energy security and supply diversification. ASaP will play a pivotal role in this project by equipping the FSRU with two advanced Phazers 1.0, supplied through Global Gas Solutions. These Phazers, exclusive to ASaP, feature a combination of an LNG probe and vaporizer with patented active sub-cooling technology. This ensures the complete prevention of partial and pre-vaporization of LNG in all conditions, ensuring superior analytical performance of the FSRU.

BW Singapore FSRU - Snam Acquires BW LNG’s FSRU, Equipped with ASaP Technology, to Boost Italy's Energy Security

Golar’s FLNG Hilli Achieves 100th Cargo with ASaP-tech

Golar’s FLNG Hilli, stationed offshore Cameroon’s Kribi, has recently marked a significant milestone by offloading its 100th cargo of liquefied natural gas since commencing operations in 2018. This achievement is not just a testament to Golar’s expertise but also highlights the critical role of ASaP’s technology onboard. ASaP has equipped the FLNG Hilli with two advanced Phazers 1.1 with shut-off valves and one ISO 8943 intermittent LNG Sampling System. These cutting-edge systems, unique to ASaP, combine an LNG probe and vaporizer with patented active sub-cooling technology, ensuring the prevention of partial and pre-vaporization of LNG under all conditions, thus guaranteeing optimal analytical performance.

Golar's FLNG Hilli Achieves 100th LNG Cargo Milestone with ASaP Technology Onboard

ASaP’s technologies fuel Ruhe Bio-LNG Plant in Germany

ASaP has made a significant contribution to the Ruhe Group’s latest venture in the bio-LNG sector by delivering a state-of-the-art MicroPhazer. This unique ASaP product combines an LNG probe and vaporizer with patented active sub-cooling technology, ensuring the prevention of partial and pre-vaporization of LNG under all conditions. This guarantees optimal analytical performance, essential for the precision required in bio-LNG production. Alongside this, we’ve provided an analytical system equipped with natural gas chromatographs for measuring the composition of vaporized LNG samples. Furthermore, our delivery includes AIM (Analytical Information Module), a preventive maintenance operation system that continuously monitors the performance of the entire LNG custody transfer system, including gas chromatographs and detectors.

Drone photo of the bio-LNG plant in Parmen. ASaP's technologies fuel Ruhe Bio-LNG Plant in Germany

ASaP Equips Golar’s FLNG Gimi

ASaP has proudly supplied key equipment for Golar LNG’s newly converted floating LNG producer, the FLNG Gimi, set to play a vital role in BP’s Greater Tortue Ahmeyim FLNG project offshore Mauritania and Senegal. Our contribution includes two advanced Phazers 1.1 with shut-off valves. The Phazer, a unique brand offering from ASaP, combines an LNG probe and vaporizer featuring patented active sub-cooling technology. This ensures prevention of partial and pre-vaporization of LNG under all conditions, guaranteeing optimal analytical performance. Additionally, we’ve provided one ISO 8943 intermittent LNG Sampling System, further solidifying our commitment to this groundbreaking project.

ASaP Equips Golar's FLNG Gimi

Introducing Ankita Kansal

My name is Ankita Kansal, I am originally from India. I came to the Netherlands in 2022. I have done my graduation in Electrical Engineering in 2011 from India. Now I am holding experience of 7 years working with the Indian organizations as a Sr. Electrical Design Engineer. As a Design Engineer, I was looking after the designing part of electrical panels; MCC Panel, VFD Panel, PDB, Control Panel, etc. My role was to prepare wiring diagram, general arrangement diagram, selection of the switchgear/components, prepare Bill of Material (BOM) and align project with clients.

Ankita Kansal - ASaP - Address and contact persons

Höegh Esperanza FSRU – Flawless LNG Sampler inspection

In the second quarter of 2023 Analytical Solutions and Products (ASaP) completed an LNG Sampler System for the Höegh Esperanza (FSRU Floating Storage Regasification Unit). Including probe vaporizers, LNG sampling cabinet, preventive maintenance operating system, natural gas analyzers, and calibration gas facilities.

Höegh Esperanza FSRU - ASaP LNG Sampling System FAT Factory Acceptance Test - From ASaP Bart Berkhout and Peter Kearney

ASaP turns a new page and replaces Ametek!

Now, we have selected a whole range of new, high-quality, and innovative products to gradually replace the Ametek range that we have supplied in the past 20 years, while maintaining the highest standard of service on your installed base. You are invited to contact our analyzer specialists for more information and/ or a demonstration of our new analyzers. Follow us on LinkedIn and read our newsletter to stay informed on the full range of analyzers we offer to suit your needs.

woman engineer looking at maintenance tablet Predictive maintenance software & analyzer data collection - AIM

Made to measure

AUGUST 2023 ISSUE OF LNG INDUSTRY Hans-Peter Visser, Analytical Solutions and Products B.V., the Netherlands, outlines the needs for fully automated LNG custody transfer measurement systems. Custody transfer refers to the process of transferring ownership and responsibility of a product or commodity from one party to another. It involves the transfer of physical possession, as …

Read more

August 2023 issue of LNG Industry

Introducing Jonatas Reis

After a couple of years working in the service department, initially as a customer in a petrochemical company and later as a supplier, offering analytical solutions to companies in Brazil, I made an important decision to relocate to Holland and join the ASaP team in January 2023. I am excited about the opportunity to be of assistance and share my knowledge with all of you! I am looking forward to further developing my skills at ASaP, aiming to derive even greater satisfaction from my work.

Jonatas Reis - ASaP - Address and contact persons

LNG Terminals over the world: Complete list and map 2024

The emergence of the natural gas industry has paved the way for the development of an intricate network of LNG terminals across the globe. While LNG might seem like a modern commodity, its roots stretch far back in history, and its potential, even further into the future. This article dives deep into the landscape of LNG import and export terminals, the influential companies steering their course, and provides insights into the foundational questions surrounding the LNG industry.

LNG Terminals over the world An interactive LNG map

Project Engineer Electrical (FULFILLED)

Ready for the next step? As Project Engineer Electrical, you will have a fun, versatile and varied job. You will be primarily responsible for project development, drafting, production supervision, assisting in making offers and calculations within a defined schedule. An important aspect of project completion is the delivery of customer-requested documentation, including data books, operating and instruction manuals, certificates, etc.

Introducing Kamil Szczechura

My name is Kamil. I joined the ASaP in December 2022. I have 20+ years of experience in logistics and warehousing. I am responsible for the warehouse, the supply of parts that must be properly divided into individual projects. For me, the most important thing is that each article is exactly in its place and accessible to everyone at ASaP. I hope that in the future I will be able to expand my skills in ASaP to get even more satisfaction from my work.

Kamil Szczechura - ASaP - Address and contact persons

Analyzer Technology Conference

We like to meet you during the Analyzer Technology Conference. Presentation title: Automatic validation of process analyzer systems can be full of surprises for end-users & students by: Hans-Peter Visser, Tuesday April 18th 4:00 – 4:30 pm Paper title: Practical Guide for Validation of Process Analyzer Systems According to the International standards. Paper authors: Dirk …

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Hans-Peter Visser and Bo Krajefska

Service Specialist Analysis

Execution of maintenance and call-out contracts Maintenance and repair of analysis equipment and sample systems Trouble shooting and error detection in analysis systems Commissioning of analysis systems Testing new analyzers Scheduling service appointments Preparation of clear service reports Advising the client, both technically and commercially Giving hands-on training

LNG Sampler in Canada - A succesful remote FAT - Vinicius Rossetti, Fulco van Neijenhof, Thijs Last, Martin Mendez

The Scoville hot sauce contest

The Scoville hot sauce contest ended in a shared number 1 position for Martin van Burgh, our CTO, and Jack Leeflang, our accountant. Starting with 50.000 Scoville units, they liberally applied 1.700.000 Scoville units of hot sauce to their chicken wings and lived to talk about it. It wasn’t until an hour later that they stopped sweating…. 

ASaP red hot ones - The Scoville hot sauce contest

Dewpoint control – Integrated approach

Analytical Solutions and Products delivered a fully integrated dewpoint control system. This for an ammonia factory experiencing liquid condensation problems in their sample lines. ASaP has helped to provide the customer with a solution to solve and secure their analyzers from water condensation.

Dewpoint control - Integrated approach

In top condition with Tony Waters

At ASaP we strive for perfection in our products. One aspect to achieve this high level of product quality is to keep our team’s knowledge and expertise in top condition. Who is better to keep us in top condition than Tony Waters? Our system design, service, sales, and R&D departments are trained in understanding the fundamentals of designing, building, and maintaining process analyzer sampling systems.

Process Gas Chromatographs Fundamentals Design and Implementation by Tony Waters

Hard work and enjoyment, exceeding expectations

For the ASaP team, it’s natural to strive for continual improvement, but this also means doing the right thing even when it’s sometimes the hard thing to do. The best reward we can wish for, is when the customer enjoys working with us. Below, an example is given after finalizing one of our successful LNG projects. Our whole team enjoys the fact that we exceeded expectations, which were very high to begin with.

We lead ASaP with our vision, mission and values

Time is Money, Accuracy is Money, and ASaP’s LNG solutions secure both

So, minimize the time of the LNG carrier at a jetty and its voyage. With every BTU accurately measured, profits can be maximized by using ASaP’s LNG solutions.

Price of LNG goes stratospheric. Will LNG shipping rates follow

GAS Entec LNG custody transfer system for AG&P

In the second quarter of 2022 Analytical Solutions and Products (ASaP) delivered a complete LNG custody transfer system for Adnoc’s Floating Storage Unit (FSU) converted by GAS Entec. Adnoc’s floating LNG storage unit is converted to serving the AG&P LNG import terminal in the Philippines.

The Phazer LNG Probe Vaporizer in the complete LNG custody transfer system for Adnoc's Floating Storage Unit (FSU) converted by GAS Entec

Dew point calculations, Flow computers, and more in AIM 1.5

At ASaP our development team has been working hard on new features like: dew point calculations for AIM’s 1.5 release. These features improve our predictive maintenance and analyzer data collection software trough its core. In addition because of these features, AIM will support any LNG sampling system built today and in the future. Following up this August 2022 these new features have been added to AIM:

Vympel FAS-W WDP analyzer used for dew point calculations

Coral Sul FLNG uses LNG Sampler with mercury sampling

Coral Sul FLNG is using ASaP’s Phazers and Intermittent LNG sampler with integrated mercury sampling is the first FLNG operating in ultra-deep waters, connected to an underwater system at a depth of around 2,000 meters.

Coral Sul FLNG is using ASaP’s Phazers and Intermittent LNG sampler with integrated mercury sampling

Introducing Martin Mendez

My name is Martin Mendez, I am originally from Argentina but have lived overseas for many years. After two very innovative projects and completing my degree I joined the ASaP team as a research and development analyst where I can apply my analytical skills in combination with my technical skills to solve technical challenges, further improve and develop new products.

Martin Mendez - ASaP - Address and contact persons

MicroPhazer is the new ASaP small scale LNG probe-vaporizer

Early this year, ASaP released its new MicroPhazer which is especially designed for small scale LNG applications like Bio-LNG, LNG bunkering applications, spot checks on LNG carriers etc. The MicroPhazer can either be used for permanent installations and/or as a portable LNG probe and vaporizer.

ASaP’s MicroPhazer in operation in a BioLNG plant - MicroPhazer is the new ASaP small scale LNG probe-vaporizer

DiPietroGroup orders Flare Gas Probes for a refinery in Italy

From our Italian partner DiPietroGroup we received a very nice order for 3 Flare Gas Probes for a refinery in Italy. Two of these ASaP’s inhouse engineered probes are for high dewpoint applications which are completely heated to just above their dewpoints and the remaining is an unheated version for a standard flare gas application. All probes will be executed with ASaP’s helix design probes to eliminate Karman vortex shedding.

ASaP Flare Gas Probe installation at another refinery in Europe DiPietroGroup orders Flare Gas Probes for a refinery in Italy

Cybersecurity Factory Acceptance Test (CFAT)

Together with one of the largest providers of industrial automation, a representative for the Canadian end-user, ASaP, successfully passed a Cybersecurity Factory Acceptance Test (CFAT). The CFAT was used to structurally prove the security and functionality of all IT assets within the ASaP LNG Sampler System. Amongst these critical assets were the PLC, HMI, switch, and maintenance laptops.

Cyber Security Factory Acceptance Test (CFAT) Thijs Last Prince Gautam Lindert van der Hart and Fahmeena Shaik

Pipeline Contamination Monitor for natural gas systems – LineVu

The Pipeline Contamination Monitor called LineVu from Process Vision is a video-based system designed to detect contamination in high pressure natural gas systems, enable alarm notifications and allow access to live video to both office-based and field-based engineers.

Pipeline contamination monitor for natural gas systems - LineVu A New Way of Thinking YouTube video

Remote Site Acceptance Test (SAT) for LNG Sampler in China

Together with a prestigious Chinese EPC, ASaP conducted a successful Trans-Siberian Remote Site Acceptance Test (SAT) for a complete LNG custody transfer system from Amsterdam. In Shanghai, the team of the Chinese system integrator, and the end-user were present. Through industrial grade ATEX certified smart glasses a live video stream was made available for our engineers. This way our engineers were able to instruct the team in Shanghai and provide them from a technical details to ensure a smooth SAT.

ASaP Phazer LNG Probe-Vaporizer seen through industrial grade ATEX certified smart glasses in a Remote Site Acceptance Test (SAT) for LNG Sampler in China

Project Lead Engineer (FULFILLED)

The Project Lead Engineer is expected to perform tasks and work independently and within the agreed project schedule. You take the initiative to perform efficiently, optimally, and economically. You independently build and maintain knowledge of the ASaP’s product package and supplier product packages. You hold regular consultations with colleagues, customers, and suppliers on the execution of the work. 

How to measure and sample LNG in a cost-effective and accurate way to make sure every Btu counts

sample LNG in a cost-effective and accurate way to make sure every Btu counts. In addition the May issue of LNG Industry is packed full of informative technical articles covering LNG fuel solutions, metering and monitoring, coating technology, LNG terminals, vaporizers, FSRUs, and a regional report on emerging markets.

LNG Industry May 2022 - How to measure and sample LNG in a cost-effective and accurate way to make sure every Btu counts - By Hans-Peter Visser

ASaP strengthens bond with Welker Inc, Texas

Early February 2022, ASaP signed a Partner Agreement with Welker, Inc of Sugar Land, Texas for all Welker products for the territories of The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany. Welker designs and manufactures innovative solutions for the energy industry used in a.o. sampling, conditioning, and filtering.

Signatories David Fish, Senior Vice President, Welker Inc. & H-P Visser, Sales and Technical Consultant, ASaP

ASaP plays their part at Calcasieu Pass!

rizer and LNG Sampler combination that we built and supplied last year. Congratulations to Venture Global and all partners involved in this project for bringing this to a successful operation in a ridiculously short time!

ASaP Venture Global Calcasieu Pass Phazer LNG Probe-Vaporizer

100 Phazers and counting!

We are proud to announce that ASaP recently started up the 100th ASaP Phazer at a large LNG production facility in the US Gulf Region! The positive feedback we have received from our customers in the past years on the design and performance of our Phazers and LNG sampling systems almost makes us blush! :) This proves that with thanks to the hard work of our team of LNG experts, ASaP is on track with its ambition: to become the No. 1 in LNG analysis worldwide.

Worldmap Installed ASaP Phazers singular pins celebration

Process Engineer LNG Analysis and Sampling Systems (FULFILLED)

The project engineer is responsible for successful execution of client projects. You will be part of the engineering group, which is a multidisciplinary team, together you will work on a portfolio of projects. This process is from order award to final inspection and delivery of the final documentation. The project engineer will also assist in sales and sales calculations for larger projects.

LNG Sampler for Canada – A successful remote FAT

As ASaP we are extremely proud of our young and next generation engineers who pass their remote FAT with flying colors for a LNG Sampler project for Canada. With one of the major global stakeholders in the LNG industry as end-user, a global recognized EPC contractor and one of the largest global System Integrators, this FAT was a one of a kind.

LNG Sampler in Canada - A succesful remote FAT - Vinicius Rossetti, Fulco van Neijenhof, Thijs Last, Martin Mendez

CEMS analyzer shelter completed with our valued partner ABB

Earlier this year ASaP successfully completed CEMS analyzer shelter in corporation with our valued partner ABB. The individual hydrocarbon measurements are handled by an ABB PGC5000 A+C and the remaining CEM components with an ABB Advance Optima 2000 analyzer.

CEMS Shelter ready for inspection with our valued partner ABB

Management Assistant (fulfilled)

Ready for the next step? As a Management Assistant at Analytical Solutions and Products bv (ASaP), you will have a versatile and varied job in a nice international team and a growing organization. ASaP is located in Amsterdam Westpoort and is easily accessible by car.

ABB EasyLine analyzer series

The ABB EasyLine analyzer series is both a powerful and affordable line of instruments for the monitoring of gas concentrations in numerous applications. ABB offers three series of extractive gas analyzers catering to a diverse range of industries and applications.

ABB EasyLine analyzer series blast furnace

Sulfur Recovery Tail Gas Analyzer, The Ametek Model 888

The Ametek Model 888 Sulfur Recovery Tail Gas Analyzer, the successor of the 880 NSL uses field-proven and highly reliable UV technology to accurately monitor the H2S and SO2 concentrations in sulfur recovery tail gas. This compact, rugged analyzer mounts directly on the process pipe, eliminating the complexity and safety issues of fiber optic coupled photometers.

Sulfur Recovery Tail Gas Analyzer, The Ametek Model 888 photo

Successful FAT critical measurement with ABB Fidas analyzer

After being involved in engineering several projects over the past 2 years, I had the pleasure to conduct my first FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) together with Fulco from our service team. This project is for a critical measurement using an ABB Advance Optima Fidas analyzer which was installed in an optimized panel, containing utility and calibration gases, and sample eductor that allows accurate flow control towards the system. I am happy to say the customer was very happy with our performance and the quality of the system we built.

Successful FAT critical measurement with ABB Advance Optima Fidas analyzer with Fulco van Neijenhof and Jessica Rossetti

LNG test unit – The 3rd generation design from ASaP

LNG test unit – ASaP is a well known manufacturer of cutting edge analytical LNG solutions like probe-vaporizer, samplers and analyzers. ASaP is actively participating in (re)writing LNG and other International standards. Therefore the need for testing is well embedded in the ASaP organization.

LNG test unit - The 3rd generation from ASaP results

AIM predictive maintenance software; an integrated LNG system

Integrated system of analysis and sampling for multiple LNG vaporizers, samplers, and analyzers – Using several software systems for monitoring and operating the LNG sampling process, makes operations more complex and operators need to be trained regularly on different systems to stay up to date.

AIM for your success - Analyzer performance monitoring leaflet

Physical property analyzers, Freeze and Cloud Point by ICON

Physical property analyzers – For years refineries are measuring the formation of crystals once the temperature drops in gasoil (Diesel).

Physical property analyzers light path design

Hydrogen monitoring, real time in syngas with HY-OPTIMATM 2745

Synthesis gas, also known as syngas, is composed mainly of carbon monoxide and hydrogen, with carbon dioxide sometimes also present. There are various methods of producing syngas, such as gasification from different feedstocks (coal, natural gas, or biomass/waste products), partial oxidation, steam methane reforming, or autothermal reforming.

H2scan H2 measurement in industrial applications

Another successful installation of the ASaP inclined Flare Gas Probe

ASaP has solved a major problem for a large Italian EPC contractor. Their request was to replace the existing flare gas probes on a FPSO in Brazil. ASaP has delivered two of our special inclined Flare Gas Probes which also comply with the requested API MPMS 14.1. The probes have meanwhile been installed and are …

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Another successful installation of the ASaP inclined Flare Gas Probe

Introducing Tim Last

I’m Tim Last. I worked for 25 years at a multinational oil company (Shell) where I was involved as a researcher in improving gas separation and purification projects. In that capacity I have built up expertise with gas analyses. Now in a world of increased regulations and increased specialization I found that my original broad knowledge and skills could no longer be used to the full. It was time to say goodbye and look for opportunities at a smaller company. ASaP provides this opportunity with the advantage for me that I can use my accumulated knowledge and experience completely flexibly to guide trainees and develop new applications for existing and new analysis equipment.

Tim Last - ASaP - Address and contact persons

Martin van Burgh: new role as CTO

We are pleased to announce that six years after starting at ASaP, Martin van Burgh has accepted the position of Chief Technology Officer and member of the Management Team.

Martin van Burgh - ASaP - Address and contact persons

ASaP appointed as ABB Value Provider

We are very happy and proud with the new step in the cooperation between ASaP and ABB; ASaP is now member of the ABB Value Provider Program!

ASaP appointed as ABB Value Provider

Industrial Ventilation System for Petrochemical Complexes

In the demanding environment of petrochemical complexes, having a robust and corrosion-proof industrial ventilation system is critical. ASaP offers an innovative solution with our advanced ventilation systems crafted from special conductive polypropylene, designed specifically to withstand the corrosive conditions typical in petrochemical and chemical complexes.

ASaP Industrial Ventilation System for Petrochemical Complexes

ASaP and MaDa Creations enable AIM demo on the Dutch national grid

Analytical Solutions and Products B.V. recently delivered a tailor-made natural gas test system to MaDa Creations. The purpose of this test system is to test newly developed and existing natural gas analyzers on the Dutch national gas grid. Originally we were going to test the new ASaP analyzers only, however all available natural gas analyzers …

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MaDa Creations enables an AIM demo platform for ASaP customers - young lab assistants

Cool new (LNG) AIM features and updates

So much has happened over the last few months. At ASaP our development team has been working hard on new AIM features to make our predictive maintenance and analyzer data collection software (AIM) even better and more user friendly. First we added full LNG Sampler support within AIM. Following up this February 2021 these cool …

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Cool new (LNG) features and updates in AIM -Historian

Fast LNG probe-vaporizer cooldown time – Phazer update

The patented ASaP Phazer LNG probe-vaporizer is now well-established as the new market leader. But being the best is not enough, staying the best is what matters! That is why at ASaP we spent the last 12 months solving an issue which is paramount for our customers: shortening the LNG probe-vaporizer cooldown time. One of …

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LNG probe-vaporizer cooldown time

Bio–Liquid Natural Gas – Construction of the first Dutch installation

Renewi, Nordsol and Shell have started the construction of the first bio–Liquid Natural Gas installation in Amsterdam Westpoort. The new bio-LNG installation is an extension for the current processing of, among other things, outdated products from the supermarkets. ASaP has been awarded to deliver the analytical instrumentation for this project and is supplying its full package …

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Bio-LNG - Construction of the first Dutch installation has started process illustration

This is how one Phazer can save you millions of dollars

Following the recent start-up and commissioning of ASaP’s revolutionary, patented Phazer LNG probe-vaporizer at an FLNG vessel with 2.4 million tonnes liquefaction capacity, we plotted the results of our latest Phazer model and the previously installed probe-vaporizer. Even with the current low prices of LNG, in this example we are looking at a difference in …

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This is how one Phazer can save you millions of dollars

FLNG Hilli Episeyo Phazer probe-vaporizer start-up

In September, ASaP finalized the start-up and commissioning of the most recent Phazer probe-vaporizer at the FLNG Hilli Episeyo, the world’s first converted FLNG vessel designed for a liquefaction capacity of about 2.4 million tonnes of LNG per annum. With the latest ASaP Phazer probe-vaporizer technology, the analytical results on this vessel are now unmatched. …

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FLNG Hilli Episeyo Phazer probe-vaporizer start-up

Genie 133 Membrane Separator – A+ Corporation

The GPR™ consists of a housing and a membrane-tipped probe regulator. The housing is installed in a depressurized pipeline through a vertically mounted thread-o-let or flange

A+ Corporation Genie Supreme Model 133 Membrane Separator

LNG loading and unloading

An accurate undertaking – By Hans-Peter Visser – LNG Industry September 2020 Nearly all LNG deliveries are subject to custody transfer where the LNG cargo is traded from one operator to another operator. Once custody transfer comes into place, contracts are involved. In sales and purchase agreements (SPA’s), the determination of the cargo value will …

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LNG loading and unloading consider the need for accurate analysis of LNG - An accurate undertaking - LNG INDUSTRY September 2020

Icon Scientific & ASaP B.V.

ASaP and Icon are very happy to announce that the formal exclusive distributor contract was signed by both management teams in the beginning of September. Icon Scientific is a world-wide supplier and manufacturer of physical property analyzers. They were looking for a new supplier and service provider for the Benelux, Germany and the Nordic countries …

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icon logo

Ribs & LNG samplers with PET64

In preparation of several LNG projects being finalized for PET64 and shipped to the end-users in Texas and Louisiana, one of our PET64 colleagues, David Obusziewski, joined us for a month of intensive training and assistance on ‘his’ projects. David will participate in the SAT in the US and subsequent maintenance of the systems. He …

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LNG samplers & ribs with ASaP's Vinicius Rossetti & PET64 David Obusziewski

Introducing Miriam Berkhout

I’m Miriam Berkhout and I started at ASaP on April 20, 2020 as Management Assistant and HRM. After I graduated at Schoevers, I started my career at the IDA Foundation. After a year I switched to become an executive secretary for 4 years at the BovenIJ hospital. After this position in the hospital, I started working at Wijnimport J. Bart as secretary for the director/owner and the purchase department. I have done this with great pleasure for over 18 years and the function was quite expanded during those years. I followed courses in the field of wine and personnel management and was ultimately also partly responsible for the personnel matters within the company.

Miriam Berkhout - ASaP - Address and contact persons

Hydrogen Process Analyzer – HY-OPTIMA 2700

Refinery hydrogen recycle stream optimization The hydrogen process analyzer HY-OPTIMA 2700 can save you more than $200,000 on a yearly basis in a typical refinery process unit. As hydrogen is an extremely important, valuable, and limited resource within a modern complex refinery. The profitable operation of a refinery is increasingly dependent on effective fuel upgrading …

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H2scan H2 measurement HY-OPTIMA-2700 ASaP analyzer cabinet

Introducing Jessica Rossetti

My name is Jessica and I joined ASaP to help the engineering team. Last year I moved from Brazil to Holland, looking for new challenges and to extend my work experience. I have more than ten years of experience, working on different Electrical and Automation projects. Therefore, I had the opportunity to participate in diverse processes, from commissioning to development.

Jessica Rossetti - ASaP - Address and contact persons

Automated Fast Loop Liquid Samplers

ASaP is proud to announce a new line of product; Automated Fast Loop Liquid Samplers in addition to our gas sampling systems. Our Automated Fast Loop Liquid Samplers are based on the design of our gas samplers, which we are successfully supplying for several years in the oil and gas industry. Instead of taking manual …

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Automated Fast Loop Liquid Samplers Cylinders

Reid vapor pressure analyzers RVP4500 Series

Increase your gasoline blending profits with the Reid vapor pressure analyzers RVP4500 Series and automatic air saturation of the sample. The ABB RVP4500 Reid vapor pressure analyzers accurately measures Reid Vapor Pressure throughout the gasoline range and its feed stocks. The RVP4500 Series offers a simple, reliable, compact, single cell design that requires minimal operator interface, …

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Reid vapor pressure analyzers RVP4500 Series

ASaP LNG technology update

The 2nd half of 2019 saw the breakthrough of ASaP LNG technology in the US market. Three American end-users, including the numbers 1 and 2 in the Texas-Louisiana area, selected our LNG sampler and Phazer probe-vaporizer as their standard solution. With many others to follow, we created PET64 based in Houston as our sister company …

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ASaP LNG Sampler System winning combination

Replacement of measurement system HPLC at AkzoNobel Delfzijl

Last year ASaP was appointed to engineer and manufacture a tailor-made GRP analyzer-shelter including an HPLC process analyzer.

Replacement of measurement system at AkzoNobel Delfzijl Inside

H2 measurement with free of charge trial demo unit

Are you looking for a H2 measurement? We can provide you a free of charge trial demo unit. H2 measurement December update We are happy to announce that after a successful first trial period, our H2 measurement demo unit is free for measurement again. The unit ran parallel with a CGA-analyzer and the results were …

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H2scan H2 measurement HY-OPTIMA-2700 ASaP analyzer cabinet

PEFTEC 2019 – Process analysis within the petroleum industry

The 3rd International Conference & Exhibition on Downstream, Petroleum, Refining and Environmental Technologies PEFTEC 2019 will take place on the 22nd – 23rd May at the Ahoy exhibition center in Rotterdam The Netherlands

PEFTEC 2019 - Process analysis within the petroleum industry

Introducing Lindert van der Hart

My name is Lindert van der Hart. I joined the team at ASaP in October 2018. I have been working with (gas) analysis and measurement solutions throughout several kinds of industries since 2002. In 2005 I obtained my Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics, however since then my career developed multi-disciplinary, which is one of the advantages in the specialism we are working in.

Lindert van der Hart - ASaP - Address and contact persons

GAS Analysis 2019: Fokker Terminal, The Hague

GAS Analysis 2019: The leading international symposium and exhibition for gas analysis manufacturers, technical staff and end-users, presenting you the latest developments in laboratory, process analysis, metrology and sensor technology and their applications.

GAS Analysis 2019 Fokker Terminal The Hague

SS Rotterdam, ASaP Past Present Future event

SS Rotterdam was organized by Analytical Solutions and Products last November. Many attendants from the process oil and gas industry were present.

ASaP Past Present Future Event SS Rotterdam Engine Room

ISO 9001:2015 for continuous improvement

ASaP’s Quality Management Systems were recently audited according to the most recent guidelines of the NEN-EN-ISO 9001:2015 standard. We are proud to inform you that we passed with flying colors!

Normec ASaP ISO 9001 2015

Concrete analyzer shelter for electrical and analytical equipment

Are you looking for an analyzer shelter to house your analytical equipment? Analytical Solutions and Products can offer you the solution! This concrete analyzer shelter has just been delivered to its end user in the Netherlands and will be used to protect the electrical equipment and includes a gas analyzer compartment.

Concrete analyzer shelter for electrical and analytical equipment

ASaP and GGS work for the largest FSRU

Together with our Belgian partner GGS Oil & Gas Systems (GGS) ASaP executed an order for two Phazers (LNG probe-vaporizers) and one common intermittent LNG sampler. The Phazer is developed for direct insertion into the LNG transfer line. The Phazers and LNG sampler will be installed on the world’s largest FSRU which will be moored in Turkey.

LNG sampling at low pressure paper

Introducing Paulo Silva

Hello, my name is Paulo Silva, I had been working for ASaP for 18 months before I signed my contract with ASaP and became part of the ASaP team on the 1st of January 2018. I have 25 years of work experience as an electrician in Portugal and Netherlands and I am very skilled in this field of expertise. I completed an ATEX Course that helped me to acquire new skills and expand my work experience. I mostly work on the projects in the ASaP workshop where my goal is to deliver the end product in great quality and on time which is achieved thanks to great teamwork with my colleagues.

Paulo Silva - ASaP - Address and contact persons

ABB Advance Optima Integrated analyzer system solution

The ABB Advance Optima Integrated analyzer system has a modular design that offers a long-term security in your investment. Analyzer modules can be freely combined into tailor-made solutions and upgraded or extended with new features at any time. Remote modules are easily attached and centrally operated.

ABB Advance Optima Integrated analyzer system AO2020 and AO2040 product showcase

NGSTech Conference January 17-18, 2018 LNG Sampling at Low Pressure

The 6th biennial NGSTech Conference is presented in association with Natural Gas Sampling Technology, Inc., an emerging non-profit industry association dedicated to providing educational opportunities to the energy industry in the science and advancement of hydrocarbon sampling.  The NGSTech Conference is an educational and informational forum in which energy industry professionals share the latest in hydrocarbon sampling …

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Natural gas analyzer – ABB NGC8200 series gas chromatographs

The natural gas analyzers from the ABB NGC8200 series natural gas analyzers represent the most rugged, economical, and high-precision on-line gas chromatographs in the industry. Designed with flow computer and chromatograph capabilities for energy metering, the NGC8200 series provides not only best-in-class, on-site analysis, but also offers a highly versatile platform that integrates many of the …

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Natural gas analyzer ABB NGC8209 gas chromatograph

ABB Multiwave ultraviolet process photometer PUV3402

The ABB Multiwave ultraviolet process photometer PUV3402 is designed for the UV (ultraviolet) and VIS (visible) spectra regions. The ABB Multiwave photometers provide continuous measurements in complex streams which allow for fast reactions to process changes. The fast analysis provides optimum control of a process and improves its safe operation. Measurements can be made in liquid or vapor streams.

ABB Multiwave ultraviolet process photometer photo

Introducing Peter Kearney

My name is Peter Kearney and I joined ASaP in April 2017 to strengthen and coordinate the service team. In the past 30 years I have gained extensive experience with process analyzer systems, 19 years of which were with Imtech Analyzer Systems as a service engineer and then service group leader, and the last 2 years with Gate LNG terminal as their gas quality specialist.

Peter Kearney - ASaP - Address and contact persons

Fast Process Gas Chromatograph ABB PGC5009

ABB announces the release of the PGC5009 Fast Process Gas Chromatograph, the newest addition to ABB’s gas chromatography product portfolio. A relatively small shift in the cut point (the threshold temperature for good product) for any refinery product can cost refiners millions of dollars in profits. In the absence of fast, accurate and reproducible boiling …

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Fast Process Gas Chromatograph ABB PGC5009

Ametek Model WDG-V Zone 1 combustion analyzer

The Ametek Model WDG-V Zone 1 combustion analyzer has been third-party certified for Zone 1 hazardous locations, allowing the unit to operate in areas in which hazardous vapors and gases will continuously be present. The Ametek Model WDG-V Zone 1 combustion analyzer offers a complete solution for combustion process control and safety with redundancy and …

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Ametek Thermox WDG-V ZONE 1 EXd Combustion Analyzer

Ametek WDG 1200 and 1210 Insitu flue gas analyzers

The Ametek WDG 1200 and 1210 Insitu flue gas analyzers are rugged, reliable flue gas oxygen analyzers for net oxygen that use industry-proven zirconium oxide sensor technology. The outer probe tube is 310 stainless steel so no abrasion shield is needed for most applications. The controller features precision temperature control for optimum stability, built-in diagnostics, …

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Ametek Thermox WDG 1200-1210 Flue Gas Oxygen Analyzers

GAS Analysis 2017: Symposium and exhibition for gas analysis

Join us at stand 25.1 at GAS Analysis 2017 GAS Analysis 2017: The leading international symposium and exhibition for gas analysis manufacturers, technical staff and end-users, presenting you the latest developments in laboratory, process analysis, metrology and sensor technology and their applications. From 13 to 15 June 2017, NEN and the ISO technical committee on …

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GAS Analysis 2017 Symposium and exhibition for gas analysis

Instrumentatie & Analyse Dagen 2017

This year, ASaP will again participate in the “Instrumentatie & Analyse Dagen” exhibition, formerly known as ‘Flowac’. At this event various presentations will be held on Flow, Pressure, Temperature and Analysis equipment. ASaP has been requested to present a topic which will be done by our colleague Jan-Hein Hooijschuur who will speak on analysis techniques …

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Instrumentatie Analyse Dagen 2017 De Kuip

Vortex shedding – Not with Orbital VE technology

Accurate sampling starts at the sample probe. A typical probe used in process sample handling is a cylindrical piece of metal that is placed in the process pipe. One of the downsides of these conventional sample probes is the vortex shedding effect which means that a small Vortex gets formed at the tip of the …

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Sample probe with Orbital VE technology to eliminate vortex shredding

Merry X-mas and a happy New Year from ASaP

We are shipping our traditional Christmas card/ Calendar this week. If you have not received this practical calendar or wish to receive some more, please let us know at Merry Christmas and a happy new year – Seasonal greetings from the ASaP team!

Merry Christmas from ASaP

ASaP’s New location

From advice on ‘mission impossible’ challenges in your process, Engineering with 2D or 3D drawing packages, troubleshooting on site by our top notch service engineers or building any complex systems in our new 1000sqm workshop, we are ready for it!

ASaP had moved! ASaP flags

ASaP has moved!

Due to our continuous success and growth, we have outgrown our location on the north side of Amsterdam…… and we have now moved to the bustling Westpoort industrial area west of Amsterdam. We have quadrupled our capacity to 1000sqm work floor and 500sqm offices. A separate workspace has been created for our R&D and laboratory …

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ASaP had moved! ASaP flags

Introducing Bart Berkhout

My name is Bart Berkhout and I joined the ASaP-team in May 2016 as Junior Engineer. I spent the first 8 years of my career working and studying as metalworker (metal construction) for a small factory. Therefore it was a big step from physical construction to engineering, but it does come with a different view on the work we do, like: drawing cabinets, special/custom made products, welding decisions and optimizing work flow.

Bart Berkhout - ASaP - Address and contact persons

SolidWorks – Increases our quality level of engineering

For the past year, our engineers have increasingly worked with SolidWorks to increase the quality level of engineering and eliminate inefficiencies in production. After intensive training on the use of the software package, we are now seeing pay-off on: Reproducibility on detail level Simple and accurate modelling of systems Preventing error through SW E intelligence …

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ASaP Engineer and SolidWorks

ASaP at ISA symposium Galveston

Mr. Hans-Peter Visser of ASaP has been invited to speak on two recent developments, the latest version of the LNG Phazer and the revolutionary Flare Gas Probe. In Galveston there will be plenty of opportunity to learn, network, and enjoy at the 61st Analysis Division Symposium. This is a long-running spring symposium, sponsored by the …

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ISA symposium 2016 Galveston Logo

GoreVega Portable Flight Case C9+ Natural Gas Analyzer

For our partner Gorevega in Aberdeen, ASaP has developed a Portable Flight Case C9+ Natural Gas Analyzer to be used mainly offshore. The Flight Case System performs on-site natural gas analysis and heating value computation using an extended analysis. Features Portable fight case for offshore travel Weighs less than 66 lb (30 kg) Modular design …

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ASaP and GoreVega Portable Flight Case C9+ Natural Gas Analyzer ABB NGC8209 Gas Chromatograph

H2scan introduction

H2scan provides the most accurate, tolerant and affordable hydrogen leak detection and process gas measurement solutions for industrial markets. Click here for an overview of H2scan products Their patented, solid-state core hydrogen sensor technology is exclusively licensed from the U.S. Department of Energy and supported by 15 years of R&D and 10 years of field …

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ASaP and H2scan Logo

Advance Burner Control Plus, ABC+

During a recent follow-up visit, local operators were happy to show us the uninterrupted successful functioning of their ABC+ system, installed late last year, it has now operated continuously without problems for one year. The ABC+ design intent is to have accurate SRU tail gas quality control when changes to especially the SRU feed gas …

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ASaP Process industry system integrator Frames ABC+ Advance Burner Control

ASaP’s Research & Development department

On August 1st 2015, ASaP formalized R&D in our organization as separate department with its own funding and goals. This new Department is headed by Jan-Hein Hooijschuur, who recently obtained his Doctor’s degree. Our R&D activities have resulted in the The Phazer and the Flare Gas Probe and we expect to have some exciting new …

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ASaP Phazer LNG Probe Vaporizer Scientist

Introducing Faye Clewits

My name is Faye Clewits, In December 2013 I joined the ASaP team . Prior to working at ASaP I studied ‘Child Development’ and after that I’ve been working with children. I was looking to start my career in a different direction, with a new challenge, which I found at ASaP.

Faye Clewits - ASaP - Address and contact persons

Introducing Michel Laan

My name is Michel Laan and I started my career at ASaP in the engineering department. Prior to working at ASaP I studied mechanical engineering at a technical school from which I graduated in 2014. In order to graduate I did an internship at Maron Metals. During the internship I came into contact with ASaP, because I made technical drawings for some of their projects. After my internship I started working for ASaP.

Michel Laan - ASaP - Address and contact persons

Introducing Marcel Schlüter

My name is Marcel Schlüter and I work with great pleasure as back office manager and management team member for ASaP. In the past I worked for a small company as a mechanical engineer which produced natural gas reducing stations. In my next job with ABB Process Analytics in Weesp, I learned the basics of process analyzers and their systems.

Marcel Schlüter - ASaP - Address and contact persons

HY-OPTIMA™ 1700AS Process Hydrogen Analyzing System

H2scan’s HY-OPTIMA™ Model 1700AS Process Hydrogen Analyzing System provides tsa complete solution for process hydrogen measurement in refineries, chemical plants, air separation units and industrial gas manufacturing plan. The system comprises H2scan’s hydrogen specific analyzer in a NEMA 4X enclosure with sampling systems and is capable of operating in a broad spectrum of process conditions. …

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Y-OPTIMA 2700AS Process Hydrogen Analyzing System

H2scan’s HY-OPTIMA Model 2700AS Process Hydrogen Analyzing System provides a complete solution for process hydrogen measurement in refineries, chemical plants, air separation units and industrial gas manufacturing plants. The system implements H2scan’s hydrogen specific analyzer in a NEMA 4X enclosure with the necessary sample conditioning components to enable operation over a broad spectrum of process …

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HY-OPTIMA 2700AS Process Hydrogen Analyzing System

Introducing Thijs Last

In the past I have worked as a racing simulator content developer at Cruden BV and as an 3D modeler for a building beamer projection called “Use your head” in Münster. In March 2014 I was promoted to be the coordinator of our service team in combination with my other responsibilities.

Thijs Last - ASaP - Address and contact persons

Introducing Fulco van Neijenhof

My name is Fulco van Neijenhof and I started my professional career at AsaP in the service department in October 2013. Prior to working at ASaP I studied chemistry at the University of Amsterdam followed by a master’s study in Forensic Science, from which I graduated cum laude. I researched illicit drug syntheses and analysis of drugs via GC-MS, LC-MS and ion chromatography.

Fulco van Neijenhof - ASaP - Address and contact persons

Orbital GasPT Gas Properties Transmitter and BTU analyzer

E.ON installation with BTU analyzer and ABB NGC8209

Recently ASaP successfully installed a combined system of two analyzers at the E.ON Powergen location Maasvlakte; the Orbital GasPT2 and the ABB NGC 8206. E.ON required a fast Wobbe index measurement for turbine control and a quality measurement of their feed gas. In order to be prepared for the future the ABB gas chromatograph measures …

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Bio-LNG plant by Osomo Projects BV

Osomo Projects BV has built a Bio-LNG production test system that gives insight in effectively processing biogas to bio-LNG. For this purpose a patented technology from iLNG is used, which has a unique process line-up that is significantly more simple, effective and stable than conventional existing LNG production facilities . With this test facility the …

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Bio-LNG plant by Osomo Projects BV

Moisture analyzer maintenance – Don’t worry!

Moisture analyzer maintenance – Are you analyzing moisture content using a quartz crystal measurement? ASaP is the expert in moisture analyzers. Let us worry about the reliability and accuracy of your system. Make sure your investment in your moisture analyzer continues to pay off for many years to come! Moisture analyzer maintenance PDF We can …

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ASaP service team

ABB PGC5000 Series

The ABB PGC5000 Series process gas chromatograph is based on over 50 years of innovation in on-line process gas chromatographs. It simplifies gas chromatography and increases reliability. It provides everything you need to know about your GC – at your fingertips.


SilcoNert and Silcolloy

Oil & Gas Production coatings Silcotek applications:Natural gas research facilities, oil services firms, engineering firms, field/well testing services, oil and gas exploration companies. Click here for all SilcoTek products. SilcoNert® 2000 Features SilcoNert® 2000 Benefits Inert sample pathways Proven to low part-per-billion sensitivity High repeatability High sample stability over time Allows accurate grading of feedstock …

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SilcoTek Logo

CYCLOPS Z – Purge Indicator

Overview To prevent the possibility of fire or explosion inside the enclosures of energized electrical equipment, a protective gas supply is used to dilute potentially flammable vapors to an acceptable level, creating a safe area for the devices within the enclosure. Positive pressure prevents the ingress of flammable vapors in the surrounding atmosphere from entering …

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ABB signs Distribution Agreement with ASaP

The ABB Measurement Products distribution sales network is being extended with a long-term partnership with Analytical Solutions and Products B.V. (ASaP) for which the agreement has been signed on June 25th, 2014. ASaP, as an authorized distributor for ABB Measurement Products, will advise customers in the industrial & process automation markets on the total ABB …

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ASaP ABB Cooperation

Newsletter ASaP has been awarded for two new ABC + systems

At the end of 2012 ASaP received two special orders. The No.10 Sulfur Recovery Talin project was obtained from the Taiwanese EPC; CTCI. The end user was the Chinese Petroleum Corporation (CPC) located in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. The project was conducted with our local partner Kinetic. The second project was purchased by our local partner AIMS …

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ASaP Jacobs ABC + System

GO Regulator 50th anniversary 10% off (expired)

Edit: This offer had expired. Dear Customer, Some of you know that 2012 is a special Year for GO Regulator. In 1962 Mr. John Otteman founded GO Regulator in Whittier, CA, making 2012 the 50th anniversary of a great regulator product line. You may know that GO Regulator is a very well recognized regulator brand …

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ASaP Go Regulator 50

ACD students visit the ASaP laboratory

Last Wednesday the local students association called the ‘Amsterdams Chemisch Dispuut’ made a visit to the office and laboratory of the ASaP. A small group of chemistry students from the University of Amsterdam first got a little presentation about our company. They were surprised to see such a small company can operate on a European …

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ASaP Amsterdams Chemisch Dispuut

Direct measurement of respiratory quotient in fermentation

The biotechnology industry has expanded rapidly over the past five years with growth rates consistently above 15%. There is a need for direct measurement of respiratory quotient in fermentation processes. The growth has been fueled by the increasing use in therapeutics of large molecules based on fermentation rather than the more traditional synthesis of small …

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Measurement Respiratory Quotient

Ametek 900 Tail Gas-Air Demand Analyzer

The Ametek 900 Tail Gas-Air Demand Analyzer was specifically designed to meet the more demanding analytical requirements of new processes. Used in conjunction with the ASR 900 sampling probe, which provides trouble-free sampling, the Ametek 900 Tail Gas-Air Demand Analyzer ensures maximum data availability for optimum operation of all sulfur recovery processes. Using high-resolution ultraviolet …

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Ametek 900 Tail Gas-Air Demand Analyzer

MCZ Easythene, the easiest ethylene monitor

Ethylene monitor, for control of catalysts in CO2 fertilization systems or for C2H4 detection for ripening process control. Ethene acts as a hormone in the ripening process of plants. To avoid destruction of plants and fruits because of high ethylene levels it is necessary to know the real amount of C2H4 in the atmosphere. To …

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Environnement VOC72M

The VOC72M’s metrology, in accordance with EN 14662-3 standard for benzene measurement, is based on gas chromatography (GC) for the separation of the measured compounds coupled with a photo-ionization detector (PID). This compact and fully automated analyzer provides equal performance to the laboratory chromatographs and is particularly well-suited for fixed or mobileambient air quality monitoring …

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Environnement VOC72M

Mass spectrometry

Mass spectrometry for process applications? Too expensive? Too complicated? Notes that time cogent arguments were to mass spectrometry to ignore when it comes to process applications. In the recent years, a number of developments Ametek made these arguments largely refuted. Of course, the application determines the possible use of a mass spectrometer, but for certain …

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Ametek ProMaxion

Circor MS3

The CIRCOR Tech product line consists of μMS3 Series Sample Conditioning Systems, D Series Modular Diaphragm Valves and all related CIRCOR TechCertified, NeSSI Compliant 3rd-Party Components necessary to build modular sample conditioning systems for analyzers. Along with the hardware, the CIRCOR Tech product line includes a myriad of service attributes, such as Expert Process Analyzer …

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