ASaP Equips Golar’s FLNG Gimi

ASaP has proudly supplied key equipment for Golar LNG’s newly converted floating LNG producer, the FLNG Gimi, set to play a vital role in BP’s Greater Tortue Ahmeyim FLNG project offshore Mauritania and Senegal. Our contribution includes two advanced Phazers 1.1 with shut-off valves. The Phazer, a unique brand offering from ASaP, combines an LNG probe and vaporizer featuring patented active sub-cooling technology. This ensures prevention of partial and pre-vaporization of LNG under all conditions, guaranteeing optimal analytical performance. Additionally, we’ve provided one ISO 8943 intermittent LNG Sampling System, further solidifying our commitment to this groundbreaking project.

ASaP Equips Golar's FLNG Gimi

Golar’s FLNG Gimi journey

The Golar’s FLNG Gimi, after its transformation at Seatrium’s yard in Singapore, has embarked on its significant journey. As per Golar’s recent statement, the FLNG Gimi departed on Sunday, now navigating under its own propulsion, supported by an escort tug, towards the purpose-built Greater Tortue Ahmeyim hub.

The voyage of the Golar’s FLNG Gimi is expected to span approximately 60 days, with strategic refueling stops in Mauritius and Namibia, before rounding the Cape of Good Hope and ultimately reaching its destination. Upon arrival, the Golar’s FLNG Gimi will signal its readiness to BP for mooring and connection to the hub. This milestone is anticipated to initiate the commencement of contractual cash flows under the 20-year lease and operate agreement on the GTA field.

The Gimi, originally a 1975-built Moss LNG carrier, now boasts a storage capacity of 125,000 cbm and stands as the world’s second converted floating LNG producer. This monumental vessel will contribute significantly to the LNG industry by producing up to 2.7 million tonnes of LNG per year through the Black & Veatch “Prico” liquefaction process.

The Phazer Cryogenic Probe-Vaporizer Model 1.1 with shut-off valve ensures the prevention of partial and pre-vaporization of LNG at Golar's FLNG Gimi offshore at Mauritania and Senegal.
The Phazer Cryogenic Probe-Vaporizer Model 1.1 with shut-off valve ensures the prevention of partial and pre-vaporization of LNG at Golar’s FLNG Gimi offshore at Mauritania and Senegal.

Golar’s FLNG enhanced LNG production capabilities

Golar CEO Karl-Fredrik Staubo expressed enthusiasm for the upcoming operations of Golar’s FLNG Gimi, highlighting the company’s expanding fleet of FLNGs and the anticipated long-term cooperation with BP, Kosmos, and the national oil and gas companies of Mauritania and Senegal. This development marks a significant stride in the FLNG sector, promising enhanced LNG production capabilities and a strengthened partnership in the global energy landscape.

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Custody Transfer

Service engineer Vinicius Rossetti with ASaP LNG Sampler with AIM predictive maintenance software

Cryogenic Sampling

ASaP LNG Sampler and the Phazer LNG-Probe Vaporizer

Natural gas analyzers

Process gas chromatograph analyzers PGCs ABB NGC8206 Yokogawa GC8000 Honeywell EnCal 3000 Emerson Rosemount 370xa Process gas chromatograph analyzers PGCs

Mercury sampling

Integrated Mercury sampling HMI with intuitive user software

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