Remote Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) for exceptional times

Remote Factory Acceptance Test

The design of the Remote Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) works to support our engineers, partners, customers, and end-users using virtual testing and witnessing. With Microsoft Teams, multiple camera angles are streamed. In addition, portable camera work is provided to see close-ups of the details you want to see. Documents can be shared, checked and signed digitally.

  • Remote FAT supports you using virtual testing and witnessing.
  • Multiple camera angles are streamed.
  • Portable camera work is provided for detail.
  • Documents can be shared, checked and signed digitally.

Our comprehensive range of products includes offshore and onshore service, an extensive selection of gas analysis instruments, sample conditioning, and various cabinets and houses for your instruments, tailored to meet the unique requirements of various petrochemical and cryogenic applications. We are dedicated to delivering innovative solutions that ensure accurate and efficient operations in the process industry.

Remote Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) Portable camera work is provided for detail
Portable camera work is provided for detail

Benefits of a Remote Factory Acceptance Test

  • The Remote FAT will save you travel expenses.
  • You can invite up to 200 people to attend the Remote FAT.
  • FAT documents will be handled digitally.
  • A Remote Factory Acceptance Test can be recorded for later use.

ASaP prides itself on understanding what the practical issues in the digital field are and solving them for each and every customer. This philosophy applies to analyzer applications, system integration and professional rapid-response service.

Why conduct a remote Factory Acceptance Test instead of a usual FAT?

The idea came from the COVID-19 lockdown period where ASaP together with our Houston-based partner PET64, conducted a very successful transatlantic Remote Factory Acceptance Test. Two complete LNG custody transfer systems were successfully tested from Amsterdam. On the other side of the Atlantic, besides the PET64 team members, the teams of the international system integrator, the EPC and the end-user from Louisiana were present.

Client quote – remote Factory Acceptance satisfied customer

ASaP review stars

One of the comments during the “close-out” from one of the inspectors was:

I’ve experienced many remote and virtual FATs, this FAT was by far the best I’ve ever experienced.

-Third party inspector
Remote Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) This is how a transatlantic remote FAT looks like
This is what a transatlantic remote FAT looks like

ASaP practical solutions

The practical solutions of ASaP are based on decades of experience, specific education, knowledge of the team members and, last but not least, the joy in our work. The well-established and complementary ASaP package of services and products is an important contribution to the right solutions for your analytical needs. Moreover, the team spirit and the cooperation with specific partners give us the opportunity to design, build, locally install and commission tailor made analyzer systems for you. All these products and systems can be carried out according to the latest guidelines, such as ATEX.

ASaP is a reputable provider of analytical solutions; We can provide you with a full-service package including engineering, manufacturing, offshore service, analyzers, system integration, and cutting-edge LNG Custody Transfer Systems (CTMS), LNG Probe-Vaporizers, advanced LNG Samplers, and precise NG analysis systems. You are kindly invited to consult us on any analytical challenge!

Normec ASaP ISO 9001 2015
ASaP’s Quality Management Systems are audited according to the most recent guidelines of the NEN-EN-ISO 9001:2015 standard.
ASaP is VCA certified

Would you like how a Remote Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) could help you?

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