Gas analyzers for process control and laboratory

Gas analyzers

Gas analyzers have become indispensable in today’s advanced process industries. ASaP introduces the most reliable, repeatable, and comprehensive solutions tailored for your gas analysis needs. Discover how our gas analyzers can enhance the efficiency, safety, and quality of your processes. Let us make your operations smoother – explore our range today.

To achieve the highest standard in gas analysis we are supported by a range of world leading process analyzer manufactures.

ASaP process gas analyzers from Ametek ABB and ICON
  • Natural gas applications: measurements in natural gas.
  • Refinery applications: Reforming, cracking, recycle gas, tail gas, fuel gas and flare gas.
  • Petrochemical: measurements in polymer feedstocks and flare gas.
  • Industrial gas supply: Air Separation, syngas, methane reforming, electrolysis process streams.

Our comprehensive range of products includes offshore and onshore service, an extensive selection of gas analysis instruments, sample conditioning, and various cabinets and houses for your instruments, tailored to meet the unique requirements of various petrochemical and cryogenic applications. We are dedicated to delivering innovative solutions that ensure accurate and efficient operations in the process industry.

Challenges in Gas Analysis

In the world of process industries, professionals often grapple with three pressing issues:

  1. Ensuring precision in gas measurements to guarantee product quality.
  2. Complying with stringent emission regulations to avoid penalties.
  3. Optimizing combustion processes for enhanced safety and efficiency.

From C6+ natural gas and hydrogen measurement, to the most aggressive sulfur components, and emission monitoring solutions for regulatory compliance, our gas analyzers, are your answer to these industry challenges. Our equipment is designed to provide consistent, accurate readings, ensuring that you can make informed decisions at every step.

Sampling system for ABB Advance Optima AO2040 gas analyzer and SHS or SCS for process conditions control
ABB Advance Optima AO2040 gas analyzer. Gas analyzers for process control and laboratory can be installed on sampling conditioning panels.

Improve Your Processes with ASaP Gas Analyzers

To supply practical solutions for your analytical needs, ASaP supplies and maintains gas analyzers for process control and laboratory. Complete with analyzer cabinets and sample conditioning systems. ASaP is the expert for comprehensive analytical solutions for high-performance, high-quality process analysis.

This applies to on-line process analyses as well as laboratory and experimental analyses. Our analyzer products and sample conditioning components and systems are particularly suitable for gas and liquefied samples.

ASaP’s gas analyzers don’t just measure; they empower industries with:

  1. Precision: Harness the power of technologies like tunable diode laser spectroscopy and process gas chromatography for high sensitivity measurements.
  2. Versatility: From combustion analyzers to quantum cascade laser analyzers, choose the right tool for your specific needs.
  3. Reliability: Rely on our analyzers’ durability and efficiency, optimized for both laboratory and process control environments.
ICON Flash Point Gas Analyzer. More precision, more profit
ICON Flash Point Gas Analyzer. More precision, more profit

multiple analyzer project

ASaP review stars

“Dear Mr. Nikolaou,
You may contact Mr. H.P. Visser of ASAP company directly.
Mr Visser is the Dutch representative of several analyzer manufacturers and I assume that he can help you with this problem.
The company ASaP has a lot of experiences in this field. If they cannot solve this problem, nobody can.
Best regards”

– Ir. Hans Borsboom
Principal Process Engineer
Comprimo Sulfur Solutions
Jacobs Nederland B.V.
Gas analyzers for process control and laboratory build in a shelter Process Gas Chromatographs PGC5000B Smart Oven
Gas analyzers for process control build in a shelter. On the left a process gas chromatograph PGC5000B. On the right an ABB Advance Optima AO2040 gas analyzer.

Our analyzers are packed with features to meet diverse industry requirements:

  1. Continuous Gas Analysis: Employing technologies like NDIR, UV, VIS, TCD, CLD, and FID for meticulous process gas and emissions monitoring.
  2. Quantum Cascade Laser Analyzers: Perfect union of TDL and QCL technologies for a broader range of applications.
  3. Process Gas Chromatographs: Extended analysis for various process applications, ensuring gas streams are consistently monitored.
  4. Natural Gas Chromatographs: From C6+ CV/BTU analysis to C9+ complexities, ideal for Fiscal and Custody Transfer applications.
  5. Comprehensive Systems: Turn-key solutions for all your gas analysis needs, ensuring hassle-free integration.
ASaP process gas analyzers from Ametek ABB and ICON
ASaP process gas analyzers. ASaP supports multiple brands of instrumentation, including ABB, Applied Analytics, ICON, H2Scan, and many more.

FAQ: Answering Key Questions about gas Analyzers

What are gas analyzers used for?

Gas analyzers are designed for precision measurement, ensuring safety, efficiency, and product quality in process industries.

Which problems do gas analyzers solve?

They address issues like imprecision in gas measurements, non-compliance with emission standards, and suboptimal combustion processes

For which applications can gas analyzers be used?

Applications range from C6+ natural gas measurement, combustion, emission monitoring for compliance, to complex process applications.

For whom are gas analyzers designed?

It’s crafted for process industry professionals seeking reliable and comprehensive gas analysis solutions.

What are the benefits of using gas analyzers?

Benefits include enhanced precision, versatility in application, and reliability in both lab and field environments.

What are typical features of gas analyzers?

Features encompass continuous gas analysis, quantum cascade laser analytics, process gas chromatography, natural gas chromatography, and comprehensive turn-key systems.

ASaP integrates your gas analyzers, on sample panels, and complete analyzers shelters.
ASaP integrates your gas analyzers on sample panels, and in complete analyzer shelters.

Wondering which gas analyzer suits your needs?

Latest gas analyzer news and products

Latest gas analyzer news and products

  • Project Engineer Electrical

    Ready for the next step? As Project Engineer Electrical, you will have a fun, versatile and varied job. You will be primarily responsible for project development, drafting, production supervision, assisting in making offers and calculations within a defined schedule. An important aspect of project completion is the delivery of customer-requested documentation, including data books, operating…

    AIM predictive maintenance software & analyzer data ASaP field service engineer controlling a LNG Sampler system with AIM on his service tablet.
  • Project Lead Engineer

    The Project Lead Engineer is expected to perform tasks and work independently and within the agreed project schedule. You take the initiative to perform efficiently, optimally, and economically. You independently build and maintain knowledge of the ASaP’s product package and supplier product packages. You hold regular consultations with colleagues, customers, and suppliers on the execution…

    Höegh Esperanza FSRU - ASaP LNG Sampling System FAT Factory Acceptance Test - From ASaP Bart Berkhout and Peter Kearney
  • Analyzer Technology Conference

    We like to meet you during the Analyzer Technology Conference. Presentation title: Automatic validation of process analyzer systems can be full of surprises for end-users & students by: Hans-Peter Visser, Tuesday April 18th 4:00 – 4:30 pm Paper title: Practical Guide for Validation of Process Analyzer Systems According to the International standards. Paper authors: Dirk…

    Hans-Peter Visser and Bo Krajefska
  • Dewpoint control – Integrated approach

    Analytical Solutions and Products delivered a fully integrated dewpoint control system. This for an ammonia factory experiencing liquid condensation problems in their sample lines. ASaP has helped to provide the customer with a solution to solve and secure their analyzers from water condensation.

    Dewpoint control - Integrated approach
  • In top condition with Tony Waters

    At ASaP we strive for perfection in our products. One aspect to achieve this high level of product quality is to keep our team’s knowledge and expertise in top condition. Who is better to keep us in top condition than Tony Waters? Our system design, service, sales, and R&D departments are trained in understanding the…

    Process Gas Chromatographs Fundamentals Design and Implementation by Tony Waters
  • Time is Money, Accuracy is Money, and ASaP’s LNG solutions secure both

    So, minimize the time of the LNG carrier at a jetty and its voyage. With every BTU accurately measured, profits can be maximized by using ASaP’s LNG solutions.

    Price of LNG goes stratospheric. Will LNG shipping rates follow
  • GAS Entec LNG custody transfer system for AG&P

    In the second quarter of 2022 Analytical Solutions and Products (ASaP) delivered a complete LNG custody transfer system for Adnoc’s Floating Storage Unit (FSU) converted by GAS Entec. Adnoc’s floating LNG storage unit is converted to serving the AG&P LNG import terminal in the Philippines.

    The Phazer LNG Probe Vaporizer in the complete LNG custody transfer system for Adnoc's Floating Storage Unit (FSU) converted by GAS Entec
  • DiPietroGroup orders Flare Gas Probes for a refinery in Italy

    From our Italian partner DiPietroGroup we received a very nice order for 3 Flare Gas Probes for a refinery in Italy. Two of these ASaP’s inhouse engineered probes are for high dewpoint applications which are completely heated to just above their dewpoints and the remaining is an unheated version for a standard flare gas application.…

    ASaP Flare Gas Probe installation at another refinery in Europe DiPietroGroup orders Flare Gas Probes for a refinery in Italy

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ASaP practical solutions

The practical solutions of ASaP are based on decades of experience, specific education, knowledge of the team members and, last but not least, the joy in our work. The well-established and complementary ASaP package of services and products is an important contribution to the right solutions for your analytical needs. Moreover, the team spirit and the cooperation with specific partners give us the opportunity to design, build, locally install and commission tailor made analyzer systems for you. All these products and systems can be carried out according to the latest guidelines, such as ATEX.

ASaP is a reputable provider of analytical solutions; We can provide you with a full-service package including engineering, manufacturing, offshore service, analyzers, system integration, and cutting-edge LNG Custody Transfer Systems (CTMS), LNG Probe-Vaporizers, advanced LNG Samplers, and precise NG analysis systems. You are kindly invited to consult us on any analytical challenge!

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ASaP’s Quality Management Systems are audited according to the most recent guidelines of the NEN-EN-ISO 9001:2015 standard.
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