Advance Burner Control Plus, ABC+

Advance Burner Control Plus ABC+

During a recent follow-up visit, local operators were happy to show us the uninterrupted successful functioning of their ABC+ system, installed late last year, it has now operated continuously without problems for one year.

The ABC+ design intent is to have accurate SRU tail gas quality control when changes to especially the SRU feed gas composition may be relatively big. ABC+ features all successful elements the regular Advance Burner Control already has while adding SRU feed composition control via;

  • SRU feed gas flow compensation based on SRU feed gas mole weight.
  • Actual air to feed gas ratio control based on continuous on-line SRU feed gas analysis.

The ABC+ system is engineered by Jacobs Comprimo and uses proprietary algorithms in the ABC+ PLC. Key in this revolutionary design is the high demand on ABC+ analytical hardware availability, reliability and accuracy. To provide a generic and fit for purpose solution to clients with such high quality Jacobs Comprimo has partnered with ASaP to jointly engineer, design and provide the complete ABC+ hardware scope.