Buhler MAS

Buhler MAS
Buhler MAS

The Buhler MAS system combines a 19″gas analyzer and a sample conditioning system in a rigid transport case. The conditioning components, including the cooler, filter, pump and flow meter, are customized to the application. The transport case is a double wall construction and highly shock resistant. Wheels, carrying handles and a handle for pulling the case make moving the system easy and comfortable. A lockable drawer is available for storing cables, hoses and documentation. The sample lings are equipped with self-locking quick connect couplers.


  • Analyzer and sample conditioning in one housing
  • Variety of analyzers available
  • Sample conditioning may be customized to application
  • Completely mounted and wired
  • Quick coupling connections
  • Rigid shock reducing flight case with wheels and handles
  • Lockable drawer available

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