Hydrogen Process Analyzer – HY-OPTIMA 2700

Hydrogen Process Analyzer - HY-OPTIMA 2700

Refinery hydrogen recycle stream optimization

The hydrogen process analyzer HY-OPTIMA 2700 can save you more than $200,000 on a yearly basis in a typical refinery process unit.

As hydrogen is an extremely important, valuable, and limited resource within a modern complex refinery. The profitable operation of a refinery is increasingly dependent on effective fuel upgrading and conversion activities, as well as effective control of final product fuel quality by managing the removal of sulfur from intermediate process streams.

Hydrogen Process Analyzer - HY-OPTIMA 2700 in ASaP analyzer cabinet

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Additionally, incorrect hydrogen management can lead to catalyst failure or significantly reduced throughput. The HY-OPTIMA 2700 helps to prevent these process upsets and avoid millions in catalyst replacement costs.

Hydrogen measurement

Typically, the measurement of hydrogen is gas chromatography and or continuous gas analyzers. Both type of analyzers are proven technology however a downside is the matrix fluctuations in the CGA that gives inaccurate readings and utility and maintenance cost of the PGC.

The H2scan analyzer has the sole purpose of measuring hydrogen in numerous industrial applications. The portfolio of H2scan features a hydrogen process analyzer. The hydrogen process analyzer is classified ATEX zone 1 and can be used from the ppm range (5000ppm) up to 100% hydrogen. 

Hydrogen Process Analyzer - HY-OPTIMA 2700 process plant

 It uses a solid state non consumable sensor configured to your process stream. It can handle H2S up to a maximum of 20% and expresses no cross sensitivity with other gasses.

Benefits of the Hydrogen Process Analyzer – HY-OPTIMA 2700

  • Improve refinery hydrogen management
  • Improve profitability by enabling production of higher value environmentally compliant fuels
  • Not affected by typical refinery contaminants such as H2S, CO, CO2, and light hydrocarbons
  • Save on expensive unit maintenance and extend catalyst life by managing hydrogen balance
  • Maintenance free with no consumables for 10 years

Refinery & Petrochemical Unit applications

  • Refinery applications: Reforming, cracking, recycle gas, tail gas, fuel gas and flare gas
  • Natural gas applications: H2 measurements in natural gas
  • Industrial gas supply: Air Separation, syn gas, methane reforming, electrolysis process streams
  • Petrochemical: H2 measurements in polymer feed stocks and flare gas

Why ASaP

  • ASaP provides a complete hydrogen process analyzer system with the simple plug and play installation
  • ASaP offers a comprehensive portfolio of refinery analyzers that combine strategically to save you money
  • ASaP can deliver a H2scan analyzer with sample conditioning integrated in a cabinet, the unit can be provided for a fixed trial period free of charge.

The system can be used in a Zone 1 Area, an integrated data logger enables you to verify the results against a local installed analyzer