Direct measurement of respiratory quotient in fermentation

Ametek Dycor ProLine Mass Spectrometer for direct measurement of respiratory quotient in fermentation processes

The biotechnology industry has expanded rapidly over the past five years with growth rates consistently above 15%. There is a need for direct measurement of respiratory quotient in fermentation processes. The growth has been fueled by the increasing use in therapeutics of large molecules based on fermentation rather than the more traditional synthesis of small molecules. This has placed greater demands for quality control on all aspects of the product development and production processes, not least on the key stages of cell culture fermentation.

the Future of respiratory quotient for Industrial Process Analytics: The OMA Process Analyzer

At Analytical Solutions and Products, we are constantly seeking to innovate and provide our clients with the most advanced solutions in respiratory quotient for industrial process analytics. This is why we have chosen the OMA Process Analyzer by Applied Analytics as the new standard, replacing this Ametek process gas analyzer. We firmly believe that the OMA Process Analyzer represents the future of industrial process analytics. Its advanced technology and robust design align perfectly with our commitment to innovation and excellence in the field. By integrating the OMA Process Analyzer into your operations, you are not just upgrading your equipment; you are stepping into the future of industrial analysis.

OMA-300 Wall-mounted OMA Process Analyzer Eexp systems purged and pressurized using a certified air purging device

Why the OMA Process Analyzer instead of respiratory quotient?

The OMA Process Analyzer stands out due to its remarkable capability to continuously measure the components of a liquid or gas process stream with utmost precision. This feature makes it an invaluable tool in a wide range of industrial applications, ensuring efficiency and accuracy in real-time analysis.

Maintaining our commitment to Ametek service

Transitioning to new technology does not mean a compromise on service for respiratory quotient. We are dedicated to maintaining the highest standard of service on your installed base. Our team of experts is equipped to ensure a smooth transition and continuous support, keeping your operations running seamlessly. We understand that every industrial application has its unique requirements. Therefore, we invite you to contact our analyzer specialist for a detailed discussion on how the OMA Process Analyzer can be integrated into your specific processes. Our specialist will provide you with tailored information, addressing your particular needs and concerns.

Benefits of mass spectrometry for Direct measurement of respiratory quotient

Respiratory quotient analysis speed

Ametek quadrupole mass spectrometers can measure and report the four major air gas components (N, O2, Ar and CO2) in as little as two seconds. Therefore, multiple reactors can be monitored with a single instrument. Even allowing for stream switching and settling times, the analyzer can measure the RQ within 10 to 20 seconds per fermentor. Air feeds and off gases are monitored with one instrument allowing concentration data to be compared and cataloged easily and more accurately.

Wide dynamic range

Mass spectrometry ’s wide dynamic range allows accurate measurement of gas species from ppm to percentage levels. Other techniques require multi-point calibrations to cover the component ranges that are found in the analysis. In some cases, they even require different analyzers such as when measuring around 300ppm carbon dioxide in air feed, or percentage levels of carbon dioxide in the off-gas.

Accurate respiratory quotient calculation without flow measurement

The mass spectrometer not only measures the respiratory gases but also nitrogen and argon. We can use this to eliminate the flow measurement. For most standard fermentation, nitrogen is neither consumed nor produced by the process.

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