Environnement VOC72M

Environnement VOC72M
Environnement VOC72M

The VOC72M’s metrology, in accordance with EN 14662-3 standard for benzene measurement, is based on gas chromatography (GC) for the separation of the measured compounds coupled with a photo-ionization detector (PID). This compact and fully automated analyzer provides equal performance to the laboratory chromatographs and is particularly well-suited for fixed or mobile
ambient air quality monitoring stations.


  • Robust and low maintenance instrument, (no PID lamp cleaning)
  • Ready to use in less than 30 minutes
  • Performs all the functions, such as: sampling, analysis and data management, in a
  • simple and completely autonomous mode
  • Quick check of the chromatogram peaks possible directly on-screen, without the use of a computer
  • Memory effect (up to 10 times lower than required by the standard EN14662-3) allowing
  • the automatic calibration of the analyzer on a single cycle without an external PC
  • GC column equipped with an innovative liquid-cooler; retention times are stable even
  • with a fluctuating temperature
  • Ultra fast trap heater (heating rate >160°C/second)
  • Remote diagnosis, made possible without opening the hood
  • Replacement of the trap in less than 2 minutes. No adjustment required
  • Use of a single gas source (nitrogen)
  • 3 levels of built-in security
  • Equipped with LCD screen
  • High sensitivity, stable and linear response PID detector
  • Long-life capillary column
  • Self-contained and completely automated
  • Synoptic flow diagram display
  • TUV Compliant following EN 14662-3

Major fields of application

  • Ambient air monitoring
  • Monitoring of industrial sources emitting VOCs
  • Photochemical pollution studies (stationary and mobile laboratories)

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