MCZ Easythene, the easiest ethylene monitor

GreenhousesEthylene monitor, for control of catalysts in CO2 fertilization systems or for C2H4 detection for ripening process control.

Ethene acts as a hormone in the ripening process of plants. To avoid destruction of plants and fruits because of high ethylene levels it is necessary to know the real amount of C2H4 in the atmosphere.

To measure the ethene concentration on a very low level a new GC with PID detector was
developed. It can be used for detection of ethylene and control of the catalysts , which are used to remove the C2H4 from the exhaust gas in CO2 fertilization systems. Also for online detection of ethylene level in storage houses or while transportation it can be used.

MCZ EasytheneFeatures

  • PID detector 10,6eV
  • Range: 0-1000ppb
  • Sample Loop
  • 10 port valve with backflush function
  • 2 columns ( pre and analytical)
  • Column oven isotherm
  • Cycle time 360s
  • Internal microprocessor
  • RS 232 protocol ASCII or Modbus
  • 2 analog output signals 0-10V
  • 4 OC inputs, 4 OC outputs
  • Carrier gas N2 5.0
  • 230V/50Hz 30W
  • LCD Display
  • 19″ rack mount housing, 4HU

Adobe PDF ReaderMCZ Easythene PDF

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