Golar’s FLNG Hilli Achieves 100th Cargo with ASaP-tech

Golar’s FLNG Hilli, stationed offshore Cameroon’s Kribi, has recently marked a significant milestone by offloading its 100th cargo of liquefied natural gas since commencing operations in 2018. This achievement is not just a testament to Golar’s expertise but also highlights the critical role of ASaP’s technology onboard. ASaP has equipped the FLNG Hilli with two Phazers 1.0 and one ISO 8943 intermittent LNG Sampling System. These cutting-edge systems, unique to ASaP, combine an LNG probe and vaporizer with patented active sub-cooling technology, ensuring the prevention of partial and pre-vaporization of LNG under all conditions, thus guaranteeing optimal analytical performance.

Golar's FLNG Hilli Achieves 100th LNG Cargo Milestone with ASaP Technology Onboard
Golar’s FLNG Hilli Achieves 100th LNG Cargo Milestone with ASaP Technology Onboard

Milestone shipment of Golar’s FLNG Hilli

The milestone shipment of the Hilli took place on October 14, unloading the 100th LNG cargo to the Energy Integrity, a 173,400-cbm vessel owned by Greece’s Alpha Gas and chartered by Securing Energy for Europe (SEFE). This historic event not only cements Hilli’s position as a pioneering FLNG conversion but also marks Cameroon’s entry as the world’s 20th LNG exporting nation back in 2018. Golar CEO Karl-Fredrik Staubo praised this achievement, highlighting the vessel’s “unrivalled track record of first-class operations.”

Golar’s FLNG Hilli is equipped with four production trains, boasting a total capacity of 2.4 million tons per year. This year also saw U.S. LNG player New Fortress Energy sell its stake in the FLNG to Golar, who now holds a 50 percent interest in trains 1 and 2 of the FLNG Hilli.

Golar’s FLNG Hilli future

Looking to the future, Golar’s focus remains strong in the FLNG sector. The company owns the 2.5 mtpa Gimi FLNG, currently under conversion in Singapore and set to serve BP’s Tortue FLNG project offshore Mauritania and Senegal. Additionally, Golar recently signed a heads of terms with Nigeria’s NNPC for joint development of gas fields using FLNGs, including the possibility of fully utilizing the FLNG Hilli post-2026.

Moreover, Golar’s engagement extends beyond Nigeria, with recent talks in Equatorial Guinea to develop their large gas reserves. CEO Staubo has also hinted at potential FLNG deployment opportunities in other West African countries, as Golar continues negotiations with gas resource owners and governments.

As Golar progresses with these plans, the rechartering of the FLNG Hilli and decisions on the Mark II FLNG remain a priority. With Golar’s strategic moves and ASaP’s advanced technology onboard, the future of FLNG Hilli and the LNG sector looks promising.

Cryogenic vaporizer and probe - The Phazer Cryogenic Probe-Vaporizer Model 1.0
The Phazer Cryogenic Probe-Vaporizer Model 1.0 prevents partial and pre-vaporization of LNG, ensuring Golar’s FLNG Hilli 100th LNG Cargo transfer.

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Service engineer Vinicius Rossetti with ASaP LNG Sampler with AIM predictive maintenance software

Cryogenic Sampling

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