In top condition with Tony Waters

At ASaP we strive for perfection in our products. One aspect to achieve this high level of product quality is to keep our team’s knowledge and expertise in top condition. Who is better to keep us in top condition than Tony Waters? Our system design, service, sales, and R&D departments are trained in understanding the fundamentals of designing, building, and maintaining process analyzer sampling systems.

The virtual training is spread over 15 weeks and will follow the technical reference book Process Gas Chromatographs authored by industry expert and consultant Tony Waters.

Tony Waters brings over 50 years of experience with process analyzers and sampling systems to his numerous training programs, which have been presented in many countries. He has also founded three companies and has worked in engineering and marketing roles for an analyzer manufacturer, end user, and a systems integrator. Tony holds a bachelor’s degree in systems engineering from The Open University, Milton Keynes, United Kingdom. He is an ISA Analysis Division Fellow.

Process Gas Chromatographs Fundamentals Design and Implementation by Tony Waters

In addition to the training of Tony Waters, Dirk Horst can teach you about Process Analyzers and Sampling Systems

See our Process gas chromatograph analyzers page to find out when and how to apply for his training course.