Replacement of measurement system HPLC at AkzoNobel Delfzijl

Replacement of measurement system at AkzoNobel Delfzijl

Last year ASaP was appointed to engineer and manufacture a tailor-made GRP analyzer-shelter including an HPLC process analyzer.

In close cooperation with AkzoNobel and the HPLC supplier, ASaP engineered a standalone operating system. While the product is automatically sampled from the process line, the sample is transported , diluted and mixed in a time-base cycle before offering it to the analyzer. The HPLC will extract the prepared sample, analyze the results and submit the results via OPC to AkzoNobel’s DCS system.

The PLC operates the sampling cycle consisting of transporting, preparing, diluting and cleaning the system while in the meantime the HPLC measures the sample.

The system will be shipped this week for installation in the AkzoNobel plant and everything is in place for a smooth start up.

We thank AkzoNobel and the HPLC supplier for their support and will look forward to a successful end result!”

Replacement of measurement system at AkzoNobel Delfzijl Inside

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