GO Regulator Cyclone

GO Regulator Cyclone
GO Regulator Cyclone

Cyclone Single or Dual Element Bypass-type Filter

The Cyclone filter’s unique design provides an
unsurpassed combination of rapid response, minimum
dead volume and high efficiency filtration. Using the
proven bypass design, a large sample flow is passed
through the filter body so the sample transport lag time
is minimized. Only that portion of the sample needed for
the process analyzer passes through the filter element.
In this manner, low filtration rate and rapid response are both achieved. Careful flow design causes the unfiltered portion of the sample to sweep the filter element’s surface to greatly extend the element’s life. With the simple installation of a pipe plug in the bypass port, the Cyclone bypass filter can be converted to an in-line filter. All Cyclone filters have back-up screens to support the filter element and can be supplied with an optional stainless steel mounting bracket. Cyclone filters are available in three materials: 316L stainless steel, Monel®, and Hastelloy® C-276. On special order, filters can be supplied in most other machinable materials.


  • Materials of construction are 316L stainless steel and Monel® (standard)
  • Available in Hastelloy® C-276 and other machinable materials (optional)
  • Filter element material is a Teflon® membrane
  • O-ring seal material is available in either Viton® or Teflon®
  • Available filter element porosities are 0.2, 1.0, 5.0 and 10–15 micron
  • Minimum sample flow rate on filtered side is 100cc/min of vapour or 50ml/min of liquid
  • Minimum process flow rate on bypass side should be about 10 times the filtered sample flow rate

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