MCZ GC Modules

MCZ GC Modules
MCZ GC Modules

The calibration system CGM enables the automation of such routine tasks as calculation and adjustment of span gas concentrations. It is possible to set up complete test programs for multipoint calibrations. Up to eight span gas modules can be controlled with the software. Software runs on PC under Windows 98, Windows NT or 2000.
The mass flow controller, and the ozone source can be calibrated by software with a twenty point calibration.
The system is designed for the calibration of gas analyzers and gas chromatographs and to assure quality in the lab and during the production of devices.

The CGM calibration system is a modular system and can be enhanced
or modified at any time. All system functions are controlled via an external
computer. The desired span gas concentrations are entered into the
Windows software, the setting and regulation of the gas flows takes place
automatically by the integrated electronics.. During multi-point calibrations, the span gas concentrations are changed automatically at a preprogrammed time. An optional available external data logger can register and store the measuring data of the to be calibrated analyzers. Subsequently, the measuring data can be can be evaluated with optional utility programs.


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