Reid vapor pressure analyzers RVP4500 Series

Reid vapor pressure analyzers RVP4500 Series

Increase your gasoline blending profits with the Reid vapor pressure analyzers RVP4500 Series and automatic air saturation of the sample.

The ABB RVP4500 Reid vapor pressure analyzers accurately measures Reid Vapor Pressure throughout the gasoline range and its feed stocks. The RVP4500 Series offers a simple, reliable, compact, single cell design that requires minimal operator interface, minimal maintenance and no calibration. It validates every analysis with self-diagnostics.

Reid vapor pressure analyzers ABB models overview

The Reid vapor pressure analyzers RVP4500 Series consist of several models to cover various range requirements. The ranges allow the analyzers to be used not only on the final gasoline blending, but also on the various feed stocks to the gasoline blender.The RVP4550 offers a novel air saturation step that simulates the manual air saturation step of the laboratory method for the final gasoline blending operations. The RVP4540 is the version that is used to measure the vapor pressure in LPG and NGL streams.

  • RVP4500 0-20 psi – Gasoline
  • RVP4501 0-90 psi – Gasoline
  • RVP4503 0-30 psi – Gasoline
  • RVP4510 0-25 psi – Shale Oil
  • RVP4540 0-225 psi – LPG,NGL
  • RVP4550 0-20 psi – Gasoline with Air Saturation

ABB RVP4500 key benefits

  • Microprocessor based on single board computer
  • Single cell design
  • Approximate cycle time 7.5 minutes
  • Reid vapor pressure analyzers measurement range – 0 – 20 psi
  • Low sample volume – 2.5 ml
  • Explosion proof
  • Repeatable, reproducible, and accurate
  • Require minimal operator interface
  • Instrument checks operation via self-diagnostics
  • Small compact design


Reid Vapor Pressure (RVP) is a vapor pressure measurement of gasoline and its feed stocks that is measured at a constant set of conditions which is used to monitor the quantity of light compounds in the gasoline. This measurement is used to reduce the amount of pollution from light compounds such as butane from escaping into the atmosphere and also to make sure there are enough light compounds to make sure car engines will start in cold temperatures.

ASTM Method D5482 (off-line mode)

  • The ASTM Method D5482 was developed for this analyzer
  • Allows results from process measurements to be accepted by the regulatory agencies

ASTM Method D323

  • The measurement results correlate with the ASTM D323 with no correction factors or calibration required.

Other Applications

  • Gasoline Blending
  • Measuring lights in de-butanizer tower bottoms
  • Shale Gas