SS Rotterdam, ASaP Past Present Future event

This years customer event at the SS Rotterdam was organized by Analytical Solutions and Products last November. Many attendants from the process oil and gas industry were present.

ASaP Past Present Future Event SS Rotterdam
SS Rotterdam in the harbor of Rotterdam

The main purpose was to inform our attendants about the role of ASaP present day and what ASaP can and will provide in future.

ASaP operates for many years in the process industry and Hans-Peter Visser as founder of ASaP explained the how he started this vastly growing company.

The present and future role of ASaP was explained after Hans-Peter’s life story where ASaP stipulated the development of their own products like AIM – Analysis Information Module, the Phazer – LNG probe-vaporizer and the role of service (preventive maintenance assistance).

Analysis Information Module AIM Logo

After the lunch break we commenced in the ASaP analytical pub quiz led by our guest speaker and industry veteran Dirk Horst. Afterwards Dirk
clarified the questions our attendants needed to answer during the quiz.

The questions were based on process analytical problems. Our guests were split in 8 teams and had to work their gray matter in order to win the honorable ASaP Award.

After 4 rounds a team existing of Marc Vermunt, Ruud Wessels and Rene Wittekoek eventually won the quiz with an exceptional high score of 38 out of 45 questions.

ASaP Past Present Future Event SS Rotterdam Winners
Pub quiz winners; Marc Vermunt, Ruud Wessels and Rene Wittekoek

As we all emerged as winners, we went for a tour through the old engine room as closure of a successful informative event. Our guest were guided to the engine room on board of the SS Rotterdam. Here the machinery in the belly of the SS Rotterdam were explained by a retired and very experienced technician of the SS Rotterdam.

ASaP Past Present Future Event SS Rotterdam Engine Room
Tour through the old engine room of the SS Rotterdam

After all a great event with a new approach that might be repeated for next year so if you couldn’t attend this year there might be a chance for next year!