Fast LNG probe-vaporizer cooldown time – Phazer update

The patented ASaP Phazer LNG probe-vaporizer is now well-established as the new market leader. But being the best is not enough, staying the best is what matters! That is why at ASaP we spent the last 12 months solving an issue which is paramount for our customers: shortening the LNG probe-vaporizer cooldown time.

One of the challenges for our (FSRU) customers is that they operate in batches. This means that the process lines are filled during transfer and emptied after the transfer.

This implicates that a fast startup time for the analytical installation is essential to enable the determination of the energy content during custody transfer. Ideally the LNG probe-vaporizer should cool down from ambient air temperature to the operational temperature of i.e. -140° within 30 minutes.

With the Phazer we meet this stringent requirement with flying colors as shown in the graph below, recently taken from an FSRU.

LNG probe-vaporizer cooldown time

Note: The red graph for Phazer B shows an onboard issue in the transfer line in which Phazer B was installed. The red graph of this issue drops back down to operating temperature in a matter of minutes, beautifully demonstrating the repeatability of the superior Phazer cooldown performance and decreasing the probe-vaporizer cooldown time!

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Fast LNG probe-vaporizer cooldown time – Phazer update
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