Bio-LNG plant by Osomo Projects BV

Osomo Projects BV has built a Bio-LNG production test system that gives insight in effectively processing biogas to bio-LNG. For this purpose a patented technology from iLNG is used, which has a unique process line-up that is significantly more simple, effective and stable than conventional existing LNG production facilities . With this test facility the technology will be validated to be ready for scale-up to commercial installations with a yield from 5 to 20 tons of (bio-)LNG production per day.

Bio-LNG plant by Osomo Projects BV

At the location in Lelystad (BioScience Center / Acrres Experimental UR) a digester produces the biogas. Osomo produces the Bio-LNG under various process conditions, determining for instance the limit of contaminants and impurities such as allowable concentrations of N2, CO2 and H2O. Eventually it must lead to bring commercially Small Scale LNG Production forward. With ASaP’s assistance and ABB NGT gas chromatograph, essential data can be generated from four different gas streams. Osomo can gain critical knowledge about the gas composition for analyses like system performance and design principles for future systems. The flexible deployment of ASAP and contribution to this innovation with equipment and expertise has been important for the success of this pilot.

Osomo Projects Bio LNG Plant

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