Viscometer Analyzer and Viscosity Index for Reliable measurement

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The icon scientific Viscometer Analyzer is used to measure the dynamic viscosity of a range of petroleum products including lube oils, lube oil stocks, biodiesel and fuel oils.

  • Easy to use: with an armored glass wipe-clean touch-screen and intuitive multi-lingual graphic user interface.
  • Certified to global standards: ATEX, IECEx, TIIS, EAC, and ETL approved to give absolute confidence and peace of mind in hazardous areas and manufactured under an ISO9001:2015 certified Quality Management System.
  • Robust and fully explosion proof: no air or inert gas purging required for safe operation in explosion hazard areas. Safety assured: with an alarm for internal sample leakage.
  • Highly efficient: with low sample consumption and a sample flow monitor.
  • Flexible: with auto validation or calibration options and standard Modbus, 4-20mA, and digital contact outputs.

Viscometer Analyzer and Viscosity Index Proven and reliable measurement brochure - ICON
Icon’s Viscometer Analyzer and Viscosity Index for proven and reliable measurement

What does the Viscometer Analyzer do?

The icon scientific Viscosity Analyzer is used to measure the dynamic viscosity of a range of petroleum products including lube oils, lube oil stocks, biodiesel and fuel oils. Kinematic viscosity may also be calculated with a density input.

The results obtained may be directly correlated to standard test methods such as ASTM D445.

How does the analyzer work?

The Viscosity Analyzer works by measuring the differential pressure across a capillary tube at constant and variable flow rates using a variable speed metering pump. In this way a single capillary tube can be used for a wide range of viscosity measurements. Precise temperature control is achieved by immersing the measuring capillary in a small stirred heated oil bath. The unit can accommodate a wide range of pressures and temperatures at the inlet and can return sample direct to the process.

Why choose the Icon Scientific Viscosity Analyzer?

  • Proven reliable measuring principle: The determination of viscosity by capillary tube measurement is the most widely accepted industry standard.
  • Miniature oil bath: for ease of maintenance by a single technician, whilst still maintaining reliable oil bath temperature control.
  • Wide range of measuring temperatures and sample inlet and outlet conditions: Minimizes the need for addition sample handling components simplifying system design.
  • User friendly multi-language interface: Uses the same common PC system as the other icon analyzers with user friendly 17” glass touchscreen graphic user interface with full size plotting of all parameters.
  • Auto calibration and validation: the Viscosity Analyzer can be programmed to perform automatic validation and calibration on demand or on a timed basis.
  • Pre-heat exchanger: used to preheat incoming sample using residual heat from outgoing sample so that the sample is already close to the measuring temperature by the time it enters the oil bath.
  • Viscosity index: can be measured using two Viscosity analyzers with two different bath temperatures (typically 40°C and 100°C) operating as a slave and master pair. Calculations are performed internally, and the viscosity index is outputted directly from the master analyzer. Contact icon for more details.

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