SolidWorks – Increases our quality level of engineering

For the past year, our engineers have increasingly worked with SolidWorks to increase the quality level of engineering and eliminate inefficiencies in production. After intensive training on the use of the software package, we are now seeing pay-off on:

ASaP Engineer and SolidWorks
ASaP Engineer and SolidWorks
  • Reproducibility on detail level
  • Simple and accurate modelling of systems
  • Preventing error through SW E intelligence
  • Extra services such as 3D (PDF) models for our customers

SolidWorks is powerful

By providing best-in-class, tightly integrated tools for every area of product development and management, SolidWorks enables enterprises to speed each stage of the development cycle by allowing all disciplines to work concurrently, starting with concepts all the way through to manufacturing.

  • Powerful design functionality and ease of use
  • Process-driven solutions keep focus on big picture
  • Easy-to-deploy data management facilitates collaboration
  • Virtual prototyping drives innovation, improves quality
  • Integrated design-to-manufacturing gets products built faster