Introducing Martin Mendez

Martin Mendez - ASaP - Address and contact persons

My name is Martin Mendez,  I am originally from Argentina but have lived overseas for many years.

I am an electrician by trade and in 2018 I was looking for new challenges and a career switch so I decided to get a degree in analytical chemistry with focus on research and development of analyzers suited for specific applications where I could make use of my extensive technological background.

I started at ASaP in October 2020 as an intern and a member of the nationwide Analytical Science Talent Program by the Top Institute for Comprehensive Analytical Science and Technology foundation (TI-COAST).

After two very innovative projects and completing my degree I joined the ASaP team as a research and development analyst where I can apply my analytical skills in combination with my technical skills to solve technical challenges, further improve and develop new products.

Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any analytical challenge.