Circor MS3

Circor MS3
Circor MS3

The CIRCOR Tech product line consists of μMS3 Series Sample Conditioning Systems, D Series Modular Diaphragm Valves and all related CIRCOR Tech
Certified, NeSSI Compliant 3rd-Party Components necessary to build modular sample conditioning systems for analyzers. Along with the hardware, the CIRCOR Tech product line includes a myriad of service attributes, such as Expert Process Analyzer System Knowledge, Expert
Sample Conditioning System Knowledge, Superior Technical and Trouble Shooting Knowledge, CIRCOR Tech Certified Design, Manufacturing, Quality, Assembly, Distribution and Sales. Other CIRCOR Tech product attributes are Restek-coated NuBlu Tube Sets and a full warranty on all system components  whether CIRCOR Tech or CIRCOR Tech Certified 3rd-Party components.

μMS3: micro Modular Substrate Sampling System
The micro Modular Substrate Sampling System (μMS3™) incorporates flow tubesets,
reducing internal swept volume and internal surface area by up to 50%. The μMS3 is the
latest generation sampling system, an evolution of our original and highly popular MS3
robust design. The μMS3 Modular Substrate Sampling System is a unique design that
focuses on maximizing processing efficiency and minimizing life cycle costs. This platform was developed specifically for the Process Analytical Instrumentation market and
incorporates a building block and externally visible tubeset flow architecture for assembly
simplicity and ease of maintenance. The flexibility of this block-and-flow-tubeset architecture makes it the preferred solution for any gas or liquid sample conditioning system, single or multi-stream.

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