Newsletter ASaP has been awarded for two new ABC + systems

ASaP Jacobs ABC + SystemAt the end of 2012 ASaP received two special orders.

The No.10 Sulfur Recovery Talin project was obtained from the Taiwanese EPC; CTCI. The end user was the Chinese Petroleum Corporation (CPC) located in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. The project was conducted with our local partner Kinetic.

The second project was purchased by our local partner AIMS from the United Arab Emirates. It concerns the Abu Dhabi Refinery SRU revamp project from the end user Takreer.

Abu Dhabi Refinery TakreerBoth projects were supplied with two  so called ABC + systems. Each project consists of an Amine Acid Gas (AAG) and a Sour Water Acid Gas (SWAG) application.

The ABC + is an Advanced Burner Control + system which Jacobs Comprimo Sulfur Solutions (JCSS) from Leiden, Netherlands developed and applies in designs of Sulfur Recovery Unit (SRU’s). Essential inputs for the ABC + regulation are various concentrations within the feed gas to the main burner of a SRU. Based on the concentrations, a so called feed forward analysis can be performed. The purpose of the regulation is to keep the sulfur load as constant as possible to the downstream clean-up unit(s). The clean-up units will be more efficient and as a result; the SO2 emission is subsequently minimized and the sulfur recovery efficiency is maximized.

About 3 years ago JCSS and ASaP joined forces to develop a feed forward analyzer system (ABC + hardware). The development criteria were;

  • Simultaneous analysis of H2S, CO2, THC, H2O and NH3 * (* SWAG application only)
  • Fast response of total system. T90 <5 seconds.
  • High availability> 99.5%.
  • Safety
  • Worldwide coverage.

After developing, testing, and hard work, the first two systems (AAG & SWAG) were delivered to Valero Energy Ltd. former Chevron Pembroke in Wales at the end of 2011. Meanwhile the AAG application has been successfully operating for 3/4 years. The SWAG application will be started-up January 2013.

Both Jacobs as ASaP have great confidence that in the near future, ABC + systems will be ordered, installed and operated. Should you wish further information, please do not doubt to contact us or JCSS.