Go Regulator SPR

GO Regulator SPRSPR Series
Subatmospheric Pressure Regulator

The SPR Series Sub atmospheric Pressure Regulator is designed for the introduction of a low vapour pressure reactive or purge gas into a sub atmospheric process. The large diameter diaphragm provides optimum sensitivity for sub-atmospheric or positive pressure control. Standard features allow service in many varied applications including corrosive fluids and, with the optional features available, the user can tailor this regulator to applications ranging from  semiconductor processing to analytical instrumentation. 


  • Sub atmospheric or positive pressure control
  • 20 micron inlet filter
  • 316L stainless steel or brass construction
  • Large stainless steel diaphragm with Teflon® lining for optimal pressure control
  • Inlet pressure range from 15–160 psig (0–145 psig)
  • Adjustable outlet pressure range of 1–30 psia (27.88 in. H2O = 15.3 psig)
  • Cv flow coefficient of 0.2
  • Bubble-tight shut-off
  • Operating temperatures -40° F to +250° F (-40° C to +121° C)
  • Inlet/outlet connections 1/4 ˝ FNPT



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