The mobile calibration system MK5-BNT is
available in two designs.Once as a permeation
system to produce span gases according to the
permeation method or with an ozon generator
to produce ozon span gases – optionally with
the added possibility for gas phase titration.
Both designs posses an internal zero gas supply for the calibration process, and a battery pack supply for the permeation oven, which allows the system about 8 hours of standby operability without being connected to
a power outlet. The system is suitable for full dynamicallymulti point calibrations with mobile measuring readings or as a transfer standard for the alignment of analyzers at different locations.

The advantages of a battery buffered calibration system compared to a standard device consist mainly in the fast availability of the span gases after a location change and in the high level of reproducibility of the span gas concentration. This is achieved by maintaining the stability determining basic functions such as the temperature of the permeation furnace, or a flushing of the analytical assembly groups, etc. through the power supplied by the battery pack (standby operation). In contrast to the use of bottled span gas as the transfer standard, a permeation system is significantly easier to handle and makes the transport of heavy and unwieldy span gas bottles.

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