Kaombo offshore platforms: ASaP expert interventions

We are thrilled to share an update from the offshore front lines, Kaombo North and South, located in Angola. These platforms, integral to TotalEnergies’ operations and co-managed with Sonangol P&P, Sonangol Sinopec International, Esso, and Galp, have witnessed an increase in operational efficacy thanks to the expert interventions by one of ASaP’s offshore maintenance team members Jonatas Reis.

Kaombo North and south

At Kaombo North, an ABB NGC8209 natural gas chromatograph, which had shown serious issues over the past two years, is now fully functional. This revival marks a big step towards enhancing production efficiency.

Meanwhile, at Kaombo South, while the ABB NGC8209 was operational, it required functional adjustments. Jonatas ability to tune these complexities has ensured that the chromatograph is now optimized for superior performance, contributing to the main activity of ultra-deepwater offshore production.

ABB NGC8209 successful revival at Kaombo offshore platforms by ASaP offshore maintenance engineer Jonatas Reis
Here’s a snapshot of the proud team at Kaombo South, Jonatas (third from the left).

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