GO Regulator F6K

GO Regulator F6K
GO Regulator F6K

F-6K In-line or Bypass Filter

The F-6K in-line or bypass filter has been designed with
bar stock construction to provide reliable and economical
fi ltration of streams having pressures up to 6,000 psig
(41.37 MPa) at 70° F (20° C). Materials of construction (standard) are 316 stainless steel and Teflon® for maximum service capability at economical prices. If a greater level of corrosion protection is required, this unit can be made (option) from Monel® or Hastelloy® C-276. The sintered 316 stainless steel filter element, with filtration ranges between 2 and 55 microns (μ), can be easily changed without removing the filter from the line. Standard connections are ¼˝.


Nominal ratings of filtration available:
2–5μ sintered 316 stainless steel
5–9μ sintered 316 stainless steel
10–15μ sintered 316 stainless steel
20–30μ sintered 316 stainless steel
40–55μ sintered 316 stainless steel
100μ 316 stainless steel mesh
150μ 316 stainless steel mesh

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