AIM predictive maintenance software; an integrated LNG system

AIM predictive maintenance software solves a common problem. Using several software systems for monitoring and operating the LNG sampling process, makes operations more complex requiring operators need to be trained regularly on different systems to stay up to date.

  • Client: Anonymous
  • Location: Texas, USA
  • Delivered: September 2020                                                                                
  • Supplier: Analytical Solutions and Products BV                                           
  • Equipment connected to AIM: 4 vaporizers, 2 LNG samplers, 2 spot samplers and 6 analyzers

How is the AIM applied?

There is a need for an integrated system of analysis and sampling, including overall- and individual performance evaluations of the two Phazers, two third party vaporizers, spot samplers and ABB GC’s. The client wants to use Predictive maintenance based on actual data. Other important functionalities are control charts and uniform reports, generating user defined KPI’s, onboard documentation and an integrated drawing library.

AIM predictive maintenance software; an integrated LNG system - Engineer controlling LNG sampling system
Service engineer controlling LNG sampling system trough AIM predictive maintenance software

The result (direct feedback from the user)

AIM predictive maintenance software; an integrated LNG system - AIM logo

“I would like to express my sincerest appreciation for the tremendous work ASAP and PET64 have provided to (client) on the Intermittent Sampler Project. I am so impressed with the quality of engineering, design, and construction activities and the outcome of our virtual FAT and the impressive technology we witnessed. Your technology is the future standard in LNG”. I am confident that (client) now owns one of the most sophisticated custody transfer systems in the world. We are delighted to share this technology with all the stakeholders at our facility because of the value this system provides to every department.”

What is AIM predictive maintenance software?

AIM is easy to use predictive maintenance software and an analyzer data collection for operators and reliability engineers similar to AMADAS to get insight into their measurement and analyzer equipment.

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AIM predictive maintenance software; an integrated LNG system
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