ATC 2024 and introducing Meagan Wooster

As the Analyzer Technology Conference 2024 (ATC) at the Galveston Island Convention Center swiftly approaches, we at Analytical Solutions and Products (ASaP) are gearing up to make a significant impact. This year, we’re not just bringing our innovative analytical solutions to the forefront; we’re also proud to introduce the newest addition to our team last year’s ATC, Meagan Wooster.

ATC 2024 is held at the Galveston Island Convention Center from April 15 to 19, 2024. This prestigious event provides an unparalleled platform for showcasing the latest advancements in analytical technologies, and we are thrilled to be among the leading industry experts and innovators in attendance.

Showcasing Synergy with Our Esteemed Partners at ATC 2024

At ASaP, we are committed to enhancing operational safety, maximizing process efficiency, and optimizing product yield through our cutting-edge analytical solutions. Our collaboration with esteemed partners such as Applied Analytics, ABB, Buhler Technologies, H2Scan, JP3 Measurement, KIN-TEK Analytical, Purge Solutions, and Welker, ensures we bring a comprehensive range of expertise and technologies to the table. Our collective presence at ATC 2024 underscores our dedication to driving innovation and excellence in the field of analytical technology.

ATC logo Analyzer Tech Conference Galveston Island Convention Center April 15– 19, 2024

During the conference, ASaP will be showcasing an array of our signature products, including our diverse Phazer Cryogenic Probe-Vaporizer models, known for their precision in LNG vaporization​​. Our AIM predictive maintenance software for maintenance savings, and increased availability for all brands of process analyzers​​. Our comprehensive approach to challenges in the measurement and sampling of renewable gases, as demonstrated in our collaboration with Ruhe Biogas, highlights our capability to deliver tailored solutions that ensure precision and reliability​​.

We invite all attendees of ATC 2024 to visit our booth to learn more about how our innovative technologies, like cryogenic sample probes, AIM predictive maintenance software, micro gas chromatographs, and optical analyzers that can revolutionize natural gas analysis by providing fast, accurate, and reliable results, essential for composition control and custody transfer purposes​​. Engage with our team of experts, including Hans-Peter Visser, Martin van Burgh, and Meagan Wooster, to discuss how ASaP’s solutions can address your specific needs and challenges in the evolving landscape of analytical technologies.

Rugged tablet with AIM predictive maintenance software analyzer data acquisition system
AIM predictive maintenance software

Join us at ATC 2024 to explore the future of analytical solutions and discover how ASaP, together with our esteemed partners, is shaping the next generation of industry standards. Together, we are not just meeting the demands of today but paving the way for a more efficient, sustainable, and innovative tomorrow.

Introducing Meagan Wooster from ATC 2023

A special mention goes to our Apprentice Test Engineer in the Service Department, Meagan Wooster, whose story embodies the spirit of opportunity and growth at ASaP. Her journey from discovering an internship opportunity at ATC 2023 to becoming a part of our team serves as an inspiration and testament to ASaP’s dedication to nurturing talent and fostering international and professional development.

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