Ametek 920

Ametek 920
Ametek 920

The Western Research® Model 920 has been specifically
designed to meet the requirements of the most challenging
process and emissions monitoring applications in a cost
effective fashion. The Model 920 is a multi-component analyzer capable of measuring up to five different gases
simultaneously. It therefore performs analyses typically
requiring two or more separate analyzers. The Model 920 is
a complete system with a sample extraction and transport
system designed for maintaining sample integrity.


  • Hot/wet analysis prevents errors associated with: Correcting for water vapour and absorption losses in driers
  • Multi-component analysis (up to five species)
  • Multi-range SO2
  • Simultaneous, independent NO and NO2measurement
  • No H2O or CO2 interference
  • Automated zero and span calibration
  • Serial communication with plant DCS


  • Power boiler emissions monitoring (SO2 and NOx)
  • Sulphur plant stack and feed gas monitoring (SO2, H2S, COS)
  • Multiple range SO2 monitoring in sulphuric acid plants (low ppm to >10%)
  • Process monitoring in nitric acid plants (NH3 and NOx)
  • Smelter stack monitoring

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