Ametek 930 H2S in Sulfur Pit Analyzer

Ametek 930 H2S in Sulfur Pit Analyzer

Backed by over thirty years of process and analyzer experience in sulfur recovery, Ametek developed the Ametek 930 H2S in Sulfur Pit Analyzer for sulfur pit storage applications. The Ametek 930 H2S in Sulfur Pit Analyzer has been field proven as one of the industry’s most reliable instruments for monitoring H2S and SO2

Ametek 930 H2S in Sulfur Pit Analyzer APPLICATION

  • Sulphur recovery, storage, and de-gassing

Ametek 930 H2S in Sulfur Pit Analyzer BENEFITS

  • Simultaneous, accurate measurement of both H2S and SO2
  • Output alarms for H2S (LEL) and SO2 (smoldering fire)
  • Common design with Model 900 (air demand) and Model 910 (stack gas)
  • Exceptional baseline stability and sensitivity
  •  Advanced Sulphur Removal (ASR) Probe prevents sulphurplugging

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the Future of Industrial Process Analytics: The OMA Process Analyzer

At Analytical Solutions and Products, we are constantly seeking to innovate and provide our clients with the most advanced solutions in industrial process analytics. This is why we have chosen the OMA Process Analyzer by Applied Analytics as the new standard, replacing this Ametek process gas analyzer. We firmly believe that the OMA Process Analyzer represents the future of industrial process analytics. Its advanced technology and robust design align perfectly with our commitment to innovation and excellence in the field. By integrating the OMA Process Analyzer into your operations, you are not just upgrading your equipment; you are stepping into the future of industrial analysis.

OMA-300 Wall-mounted OMA Process Analyzer Eexp systems purged and pressurized using a certified air purging device. A great alternative to the Ametek 930 H2S in Sulfur Pit Analyzer.

Why the OMA Process Analyzer instead of the Ametek 930 H2S in Sulfur Pit Analyzer?

The OMA Process Analyzer stands out due to its remarkable capability to continuously measure the components of a liquid or gas process stream with utmost precision. This feature makes it an invaluable tool in a wide range of industrial applications, ensuring efficiency and accuracy in real-time analysis.

Maintaining our commitment to Ametek service

Transitioning to new technology does not mean a compromise on service. We are dedicated to maintaining the highest standard of service on your installed base. Our team of experts is equipped to ensure a smooth transition and continuous support, keeping your operations running seamlessly. We understand that every industrial application has its unique requirements. Therefore, we invite you to contact our analyzer specialist for a detailed discussion on how the OMA Process Analyzer can be integrated into your specific processes. Our specialist will provide you with tailored information, addressing your particular needs and concerns.

Is the OMA process analyzer suitable for your process?

ASaP practical solutions

The practical solutions of ASaP are based on decades of experience, specific education, knowledge of the team members and, last but not least, the joy in our work. The well-established and complementary ASaP package of services and products is an important contribution to the right solutions for your analytical needs. Moreover, the team spirit and the cooperation with specific partners give us the opportunity to design, build, locally install and commission tailor made analyzer systems for you. All these products and systems can be carried out according to the latest guidelines, such as ATEX.

ASaP is a reputable provider of analytical solutions; We can provide you with a full-service package including engineering, manufacturing, offshore service, analyzers, system integration, and cutting-edge LNG Custody Transfer Systems (CTMS), LNG Probe-Vaporizers, advanced LNG Samplers, and precise NG analysis systems. You are kindly invited to consult us on any analytical challenge!