Ametek 933

Ametek 933
Ametek 933

AMETEK Western Research® has responded to the need
for a low maintenance, reliable, and rugged H2S analyzer by developing the Model 933. The Model 933 uses AMETEK Western Research’s proprietary frontal elution
chromatography sampling technique, combined with our
exceptionally high resolution multi-wavelength UV optical
bench. The result is a unique low level H2S analyzer that is
designed to operate unattended for six months or more.


  • Gas sweetening
  • Pipeline quality/custody transfer
  • Synthetic natural gas (SNG)
  • Blending stations


  • Extended, unattended operation for up to 6 months or longer
  • Self-recovery after high concentration H2S events
  • Fast response time to increasing or decreasing H2S concentrations
  • Concentration measurements of COS and methyl mercaptan optionally available
  • No consumables, reagents, or disposables other than zero gas

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