CEMS – Continuous Emission Monitoring System – ABB ACF5000

Early this year ASaP was asked to present a new CEMS system solution for a well-known gas-supplier in the Rotterdam Botlek Area.

CEMS - Continuous Emission Monitoring System - ABB ACF5000 CEMS analyzer
CEMS system solution for a well-known gas-supplier in the Rotterdam Botlek Area

Their CEMS system needed an upgrade as it had to measure additional components on top of their current CEMS measurement.

As the official Channel Partner of ABB, ASaP discussed the possibilities for replacing the analyzer system with the end user as well the replacement of the complete analyzer cabinet.

The best approach and fit for purpose analyzer was the ABB ACF5000 CEMS analyzer which was installed in a smart and flexible ASaP design; ‘a slim analyzer package’ or aSAP shelter.

At ASaP, we integrated and tested the system together with the end user who signed off the “release note” with a happy feeling knowing they will be ready for future measurement requirements.

Soon the system will be started up and another customer will be ready to testify to the engineering and technical capabilities of the ASaP team.

Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems

Continuous emission monitoring systems (CEMS) were historically used as a tool to monitor flue gas for oxygen, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide to provide information for combustion control in industrial settings. Facilities employ the use of CEMS to continuously collect, record and report the required emissions data.

ACF5000 Multi-component FTIR emission monitoring system

ABB ACF5000 CEMS analyzer - CEMS - Continuous Emission Monitoring System
  • Continuous, quantitative and selective measurement of HCl, HF, H2O, CO, CO2, SO2, NO, NO2, CH4, NH3, N2O, H2CO, O2 and VOC (other gases on request)
  • Maximum 15 measuring components (standard), simple upgrade on request
  • Proven hot wet extractive measurement technique
  • High stability, accuracy and reliability through proven FTIR technology
  • Fully integrated VOC and O2 analyzers (optional)
  • Unique air-driven injector pump, no moving parts, low condensate to handle
  • QAL3 automatic span drift check without test gas
  • Low ownership, maintenance and installation cost through multi-component measurement technology with only one sampling system
  • Complete pre-engineered CEMS system, modest space requirement, compact and modular system design
  • Clear-text status messages and user-friendly operator interface on a large back-lit display
  • Measured value and status signal transmission to DCS and emission evaluators via Ethernet or Modbus TCP (analog and digital outputs, Modbus and PROFIBUS optional)
  • Local control for service purposes via Ethernet and remote maintenance via UMTS
  • Integration and display of signals from other detectors (e.g. dust, mercury, flow, pressure, temperature)

ABB ACF5000 CEMS design

Because of the growing requirements in the field of environmental monitoring, increasing number of pollutants and with lower concentrations must be measured from combustion processes.

ABB Analytical Measurement

World leader in stack gas monitoring systems for decades and pioneer in FTIR technology, ABB Analytics is offering an inexpensive and forward-looking system with the ACF5000 multi-component FTIR CEMS.

Recognized by the process industries for their ruggedness, the ABB FTIR spectrometers offer a measurement technology with the highest levels of accuracy, selectivity and reliability. Because of the FTIR measurement principle, the spectrometer is free from drift and does not require frequent adjustment, therefore there is no need to hold stocks of expensive, dangerous and toxic test gases.

Because it can easily be expanded through software to measure additional infrared-active components, the analysis system is also designed to expand with your future needs.

The sampling probe, sampling line and analyzer cell are heated al-lowing water vapor to be measured along with extremely low detection levels of pollutant such as HCl, NH3 and HF.

The sample gas feeding is using an electronically controlled air injector, which creates a vacuum. This draws the sample gas into the analyzer cell without the use of a mechanical pump. As a beneficial side effect, the sample gas is diluted at the analyzer cell outlet, condensation is reduced, and disposal of the exhaust gas is safer. Since this sampling procedure uses no moving parts, maintenance costs are reduced, and CEMS availability and safety are increased.

ABB ACF5000 Applications

  • Municipal waste incinerators
  • Biomedical and sludge incinerators
  • Hazardous waste incinerators at chemical plants
  • Gasification and pyrolysis processes
  • Cement kilns
  • Solvent recovery and destruction
  • DeNOx and DeSOx of power plants
  • Crematoria
  • Steel and aluminum smelters
  • Brick, tiles and glass manufacturing
  • Catalyst protection monitoring
  • Combustion research
CEMS – Continuous Emission Monitoring System – ABB ACF5000
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