Bio-LNG and Bio-LCO₂: ASaP’s Total Solution for Ruhe Biogas

Bio-LNG analysis and sampling system

In the world of renewable energy, Bio-LNG stands out as a key player, offering a sustainable alternative to traditional fuels. ASaP’s recent collaboration with Ruhe Biogas marks a significant milestone in this domain, as they come together to deliver comprehensive solutions in bio-LNG and Bio-LCO₂ sampling and measurement. This partnership underscores a shared commitment to advancing renewable gas technologies and highlights the critical role of bio-LNG in the transition towards cleaner energy sources.

ASaP’s technologies fuel Ruhe Bio-LNG Plant in Germany

Drone photo of the bio-LNG plant in Parmen. ASaP's technologies fuel Ruhe Bio-LNG Plant in Germany

ASaP has made a significant contribution to the Ruhe Group’s latest venture in the bio-LNG sector by delivering a state-of-the-art MicroPhazer. This unique ASaP product combines an LNG probe and vaporizer with patented active sub-cooling technology, ensuring the prevention of partial and pre-vaporization of LNG under all conditions. This guarantees optimal analytical performance, essential for the precision required in bio-LNG production. Alongside this, we’ve provided an analytical system equipped with natural gas chromatographs for measuring the composition of vaporized LNG samples. Furthermore, our delivery includes AIM (Analytical Information Module), a preventive maintenance operation system that continuously monitors the performance of the entire LNG custody transfer system, including gas chromatographs and detectors.

MicroPhazer is the new ASaP small scale LNG probe-vaporizer

ASaP’s MicroPhazer in operation in a BioLNG plant - MicroPhazer is the new ASaP small scale LNG probe-vaporizer

Early this year, ASaP released its new MicroPhazer which is especially designed for small scale LNG applications like Bio-LNG, LNG bunkering applications, spot checks on LNG carriers etc. The MicroPhazer can either be used for permanent installations and/or as a portable LNG probe and vaporizer.

ASaP and MaDa Creations enable AIM demo on the Dutch national grid

MaDa Creations enables an AIM demo platform for ASaP customers - young lab assistants

Analytical Solutions and Products B.V. recently delivered a tailor-made natural gas test system to MaDa Creations. The purpose of this test system is to test newly developed and existing natural gas analyzers on the Dutch national gas grid. Originally we were going to test the new ASaP analyzers only, however all available natural gas analyzers …

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Bio–Liquid Natural Gas – Construction of the first Dutch installation

Bio-LNG - Construction of the first Dutch installation has started process illustration

Renewi, Nordsol and Shell have started the construction of the first bio–Liquid Natural Gas installation in Amsterdam Westpoort. The new bio-LNG installation is an extension for the current processing of, among other things, outdated products from the supermarkets. ASaP has been awarded to deliver the analytical instrumentation for this project and is supplying its full package …

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Bio-LNG plant by Osomo Projects BV

Bio-LNG plant by Osomo Projects BV

Osomo Projects BV has built a Bio-LNG production test system that gives insight in effectively processing biogas to bio-LNG. For this purpose a patented technology from iLNG is used, which has a unique process line-up that is significantly more simple, effective and stable than conventional existing LNG production facilities . With this test facility the …

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Direct measurement of respiratory quotient in fermentation

Measurement Respiratory Quotient

The biotechnology industry has expanded rapidly over the past five years with growth rates consistently above 15%. There is a need for direct measurement of respiratory quotient in fermentation processes. The growth has been fueled by the increasing use in therapeutics of large molecules based on fermentation rather than the more traditional synthesis of small …

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