Daniel Oostema

Introducing Daniël Oostema

My name is Daniël Oostema, married for almost 8 years and a proud dad of a daughter and a son. When I am not preparing BBQ, playing games or having fun with family and friends, you can find me on the road taking my sports bike out for a spin.  After getting my degree in

Vinicius Rossetti

Introducing Vinicius Rossetti

I joined the ASaP team in May 2019, to be part of the Service Department. I have previous experience with Process Analyzers in Brazil. I have worked for a couple of years in the Oil and Gas sector, providing troubleshooting and maintenance on different kinds of Process Analyzers, from Conductivity Meter to Gas Chromatographs. During

ASaP Lindert van der Hart

Introducing Lindert van der Hart

In 2005 I obtained my Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics, however since then my career developed multi-disciplinary, which is one of the advantages in the specialism we are working in.