Paulo Silva

Introducing Paulo Silva

I have 25 years of work experience as an electrician in Portugal and Netherlands and I am very skilled in this field of expertise. I completed an ATEX Course that helped me to acquire new skills and expand my work experience. I mostly work on the projects in the ASaP workshop where my goal is to deliver the end product in great quality and on time which is achieved thanks to great teamwork with my colleagues.

Katie Ďurišová

Introducing Katie Ďurišová

After 4 years in this field I wanted new challenge and decided to move to the Netherlands. New country brought new opportunities and ASaP company gave me a chance to became a part of the team and help deliver better results by supporting my new colleagues and helping with internal processes.

Peter Kearney

Introducing Peter Kearney

My name is Peter Kearney and I joined ASaP in April 2017 to strengthen and coordinate the service team.In the past 30 years I have gained extensive experience with process analyzer systems, 19 years of which were with Imtech Analyzer Systems as a service engineer and then service group leader, and the last 2 years