Peter Kearney

Introducing Peter Kearney

My name is Peter Kearney and I joined ASaP in April 2017 to strengthen and coordinate the service team.In the past 30 years I have gained extensive experience with process analyzer systems, 19 years of which were with Imtech Analyzer Systems as a service engineer and then service group leader, and the last 2 years

Brian Weise

Introducing Brian Weise

Hello, my name is Brian Weise.I recently joined the ASaP team in Amsterdam (February 2017) as a mechanical/electrical engineer. My goal is to strengthen the team in this area with the experience I gained over the last 10 years.I strive to deliver not only a functional but also a optical good looking end product to our

Marciano Daamen

Introducing Marciano Daamen

My name is Marciano Daamen, I joined ASaP in November 2016 as Project Engineer.I started my career in 2013 with Frames Process systems as Electrical & Instrumentation engineer. During various projects a came in contact with ASaP for analyzer solutions. During their projects my interest in analyzer systems increased. Before my working career I studied

Bart Berkhout

Introducing Bart Berkhout

My name is Bart Berkhout and I joined the ASaP-team in May 2016 as Junior Engineer. I spent the first 8 years of my career working and studying as metalworker (metal construction) for a small factory. Therefore it was a big step from physical construction to engineering, but it does come with a different view

Jan-Hein Hooijschuur

Introducing Jan-Hein Hooijschuur

My name is Jan-Hein Hooijschuur and as an applied spectroscopist I joined the ASaP team in August 2015 as a R&D specialist in Raman spectroscopy. I obtained my PhD at the VU University in Amsterdam with the development of an analytical Raman spectroscopic method for the detection of life signatures in mineral matrices. There I

Faye Clewits

Introducing Faye Clewits

My name is Faye Clewits, In December 2013 I joined the ASaP team . Prior to working at ASaP I studied ‘Child Development’ and after that I’ve been working with children. I was looking to start my career in a different direction, with a new challenge, which I found at ASaP. For me this is

Benny Riphagen

Introducing Benny Riphagen

My name is Benny Riphagen. I joined ASaP in March 2014 and as a part of the sales team I am responsible for the sales of spare parts. This is a new field of work for me and I am learning new things every day, which I like very much. Before I joined ASaP I

Mike Beer

Introducing Mike Beer

I joined ASaP since June 1st 2014 and settled in the organization for more than a year now. Many people I know working in the refinery & chemical industry raised questions about my move as a I am a born and raised member of the Rotterdam community and working for an originally founded Amsterdam company,

Eef Veldhuis

Introducing Eef Veldhuis

Hello, I am Eef Veldhuis and Project Manager at ASaP since 2010. I have more than 12 years practical experience in manufacturing and integration of all kinds of sample take-off, conditioning and analyzer systems. With this experience I can now realize thought-through engineering packages according the highest engineering standards and close the well-known gap between

Michel Laan

Introducing Michel Laan

My name is Michel Laan and I started my career at ASaP in the engineering department. Prior to working at ASaP I studied mechanical engineering at a technical school from which I graduated in 2014. In order to graduate I did an internship at Maron Metals. During the internship I came into contact with ASaP,